Prophetic declaration for Nigeria and Word of Wisdom for the Church

The things which I have began to do I will bring to an end. I will make it to be seen, it shall not tarry but hasten to quick fulfilment, the time for these things are come, time spoken have come, I will make everything, everything will be put to motion so that this nation can stand, we have chosen Nigeria and this place to project our name, image and our self, it is a choice from the Beginning. I will redefine Nigeria, you will see Nigeria as it should be, for what you see today is not her. I will show you Nigeria, I will bring forth Nigeria, within her boundary I have apportion her portion in destiny to bring the nature of God to Nations.

I will bring wisdom to my sons of how things will be actualized and of how things will be done, so that you can come to understanding, there is wisdom among you, and many prophesies have gone ahead but I bring you to that which is for the NOW, I will draw a line between dark sentences and true prophecies, I will take away confusion and cause many to assemble, this is the choice of the most high, it is a choice that cannot be aborted, a decision that cannot be aborted, we will bring light to the prophet and the senate and they shall bring you what Nigeria is to be.

We receive the assembly of agents, ambassadors of change, the midwife of new birth, new habitation, new alignment, we find ourselves in this time as we congregate and assemble together. The sons shall come together, the power and authorisation to function is being delivered and being granted, access to the Nigerian Senate is granted, to educate your thoughts and mind, you are being empowered in the name of Jesus Christ.

Word wisdom for the church

There is a burning in your hearts it is an evidence of my call, there is a heat in your heart, I have put heat and burning in your hearts, it is a call you must heed, there is hunger in your hearts, do not ignore! That is an evidence I have sent my call into hearts, you will come to the burning, a place to harken which will bring you to begin to obey the call being made to your heart, your obedience to the call is an opening for you into a higher expression of life, pay attention and you will know that that is my voice, I have loved  you I have called you from the throne. It is time for you to obey! Pay attention! Harken! I will open door to greater manifestation, when you harken. it is the deep calling to deep! Do not ignore but obey, your blessing is in your obedience, it is your circumcision! Your sanctification! A separation of your heart! It is your blessing, obey it! Do not ignore it!

The Lord want us to pay attention. It is a wave of the Spirit and God want us to pay attention to his dealing with us in this moment.

The blind Bathemeus threw away his garment, so did Peter his fishing garment when he heard the Lord’s call. The Lord wants us to have an evidence of his call, when he calls,a clothing must fall away, something of our past, which has hitherto followed us will be taken away. Paul said “that I might not be found, having my own righteousness (Roman 6:2). There is a degree or a kind of righteousness that God requires of us and we must be able to live it. God today is using tongues to speak to us his intention for the now. God wants us to attend to these things.

This a time to pay closer attention, to check out these things, not only what we understand when we hear him but what his own thoughts are. It is time to go a little bit more to ask what are the essence of these things, God helped Moses to pay close attention when he saw the burning bush, the Lord could have spoken before Moses came near, but he chose to speak when Moses came near.

God chose David who has no record of being enlisted in the military, yet he was able to fulfill the will of God for his generation. The teaching going on in the recent times are major driving force that will move us to the obedience of faith so that we can become a major source of his flow of living waters, this work has to be done in us, it can’t be done if we do not pay close attention.

The fire of God will spring up in many places, it will be spread, the Spirit like fire which is the judgement of God on heart will stand in every place.

Judgement is the highest place of operation of the church. She must take a stand in judgment. The power of the church is to be able to look into the heart of the father, when his intention comes for us, and then establish it.


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