The blessing that has been allocated to the Church is found in the Word of Truth. The content of the Word of Truth is the Word of Truth. Stay under the content of the Word; that is the way I turn men; it’s the way I draw men close. Do not despise the Word of Truth! If indeed you have heard, I will send it again, until you are turned and the heaven bears witness that you are one of us. Do not despise hearing, do not despise the word of truth, it has been brought to give you strength and this is the day that you have been designated for Truth. Stay under!


Many times, we don’t know that God has helped us by not making the realm of the Spirit visible. He has kept some things away from us for our own good. In the natural, if we see some particles, we will be confused because they are not good for us. That is why learning is good because many things cannot be observed through the eyes, we need to relate with them through knowledge. So many things are after us because we are endangered species as people of faith. Sometimes we feel if we run to church we will be covered but it does not guarantee utmost safety because we can be in church and be in trouble. This is why there is need for the eyes of our understanding to be enlightened because some things are apparent while some are mirages. We will come across a lot of mirages in life and as we can’t run to the mirage hoping to get water, we have to keep on learning and never outgrow knowledge. When we were children, we didn’t know a lot of things about our childhood but when we grew up and are are told how we were carefree and careless, then we realize mercy kept us from those things that could have killed us; sometimes through our parents; more reason we need them.

God has gone ahead of the Church to preserve the message and the words of Eternal Life over the years. He has gone ahead of the Church to see a time like this. There was a vision I saw many years ago: there was drought on the earth and the whole earth was in confusion, we were massively moving here and there. It was like it has not rained for a long time and we were not going to any well or stream to get water but we were going to churches in search of water. This reveals that it is not a natural water. When I came out of that dream I knew the Church is close to the drought age and this water is Life. Just like what Jesus told that woman in John 4:10, Jesus said unto her, ‘’if thou knows the gift of God, and who it is that say to thee, Give me drink; thou wouldest have asked of him, and he would have givest thee living water”. This means there has been living water in the churches at a time, it’s not every water that is living water. What men are really looking for is living water and Jesus said if you drink of this water you will never thirst again. This means that certain water will be given out, men would have drank it but they won’t be satisfied. It is important to know that in this season, heaven has gone before us to provide for us rescue and the demand on us is to pay utmost attention. We must not take chances because the enemy always attack the water and not just the water but the keepers of the water; if he cannot cause it to dry, he pollutes it. There is a need to guard our hearts very well because we are a major trust to the city and also to the generation. The Samaritan woman at the woman was a major link between her generation and the water; John 4:10-15.


The call of the gospel is summarized on the hope of the inheritance of the Divine nature. The promise of God is Life and it is the same all over the scripture that God has a promise for humanity. It’s clear that as Jesus ascended in Glory there is going to be a church that would bear the same glory on earth here like the head of the Church himself. The hope of Life which God promised us is clear, that is not something we are to partake of when we get to heaven but from here on earth,


2 Peter 1: 2-3

Grace and peace be multiplied unto you through the knowledge of God, and of Jesus our Lord, according as his divine power hath given unto us all things that pertain to life and godliness, through the knowledge of him that hath called us to glory and virtue.


There is a calling that is in corporate, so every believer has been called to glory; every believer is to partake of Life. Paul as a believer and as an individual finished his course but Jesus Christ is the author and finisher of the Faith. It’s a race set before us which we have to run as individuals and the Lord has given us the way to run because the way to run is as we see; the more we behold the more we are being changed to the exact image of what we see. Partaking of Divine Nature is a provision for everyone. All the disciples went through the labor of love, the patience of hope, until they finished their course.


Hebrews 3:1-3

Wherefore holy brethren, partakers of the heavenly calling, consider the Apostle and High Priest of our profession, Christ Jesus; who was faithful to him that appointed him, as also Moses was faithful in all his house. For this man was counted worthy of more glory than Moses, inasmuch as he who hath builded the house hath more honour than the house.


The Prophets also had their own glory, but of all of them, Moses was different, because he didn’t just hear the voice of God; he received a commandment to raise a people. John was greater than Moses, though not compared to Jesus, but Moses came for a people — a nation that will show forth what God expects. This is what no individual can bring to pass.

In every generation God always has witnesses, no matter how dark the earth may be, even if it would take God to keep people in caves. That is why we have heroes of faith in Hebrews 11 just to preserve His testimonies. God has a mandate for the corporate existence of a people, which would bring forth a manifestation of God’s presence that is able to subdue darkness.

Paul had a sense of a corporate people that would be on the earth for the Lord to come back. Even if he had finished his own course, he knew that working alone wouldn’t bring God. So there was a need for a people.

The reign of Life is a proclamation of God to a generation, to tell them that the light in them is going to be made evident in the earth, in the midst of darkness and death. When he shall appear we shall be like him.

1 John 3:1-2, John 10:38

A people was to move to the place of appearance. What was in Jesus was not known to the world then, they didn’t know that He was not just a prophet but a son of God and as a result, they could relate with the anointing because they knew him not. The world does not know us because they knew Him not so when he shall appear we shall be like him. Jesus did not show himself to the world when he rose up because they are not to know him. We are the ones expected to know him; the ones to express what they have not seen before.

There is a corporate transformation, a corporate appearance which the Church must come into. ‘’When Christ who is our life shall appear we shall appear with Him in glory’’, what actually appeared in Him was the Life that no man knew. To know that help comes from above was something they did not understand. One made Jesus different was not what he did because there was nothing He did that the prophets did not do. There had been many prophecies before the coming of Elisha but Elisha did not show the Way because he was not the son of the way. What the Messiah will do is dependent on who the Messiah is. A man that will align to the way must have been helped to a great measure. He that has Life has given Life to His Son to give to others and no other prophet could do that.

We can only improve on nature, we cannot change nature. A goat will remain a goat and a dog will remain a dog until their genes are changed. If a church will never perish, it’s by the Gift of Life. Once the Church looks away into any other thing, the Church will sink.

John 3:16

The Church ‘should’ not perish not ‘shall’ not perish. This means that if you believe, you ought not to perish. If the devil is going to fight you, one major fight is to stop you from laying hold on Eternal Life. When Paul said I have fought a good fight of faith in 1 Timothy 6:12, in order to preserve the pathway of Life, he has fought well. The pathway for attaining Life is what is being made known to us in Life Campaign. Jesus Christ in resurrection actually swallowed up death, but it has been said also that a people will ascend to the mountain. 1 Corinthians 15:54-57.

There is going to be a corporate people that would do what Christ did at resurrection. That is why we cannot have less than the meal that Jesus partook of; it cannot be negotiated.


Ephesians 2:1-2

Disobedience raised children and gave them what can work in them, it births them and gave them a nature that would work in them, so they are not taught how to disobey God for it is incorporated in them. The devil is a liar naturally and that is why Jesus said to the Pharisees and Sadducees that they are like their father – John 8:44. It is a terrible thing!

The Word of God is the only way to discern lies. If we see Cain many of us will adopt him as our spiritual father. He was a good person, a man of works, his nation was established even before Israel. The sins of men like him were not visible to man; it was disobedience and ignoring the Life of God while embracing their own life. Cain had not gained ground enough, he was just a second lineage of disobedience. He offered an excellent sacrifice but Abel’s was more excellent. If these men were presented before you, you will ask God what else he wants. So, it is not about the posture of their lives actually, but God wants those that will be on earth to expire death. God’s mandate is that the serpent’s nature and lineage must be cut off from the earth. Not just anyone can do that, but one approved of God. That is why for God to destroy the lineage that Daniel saw in Babylon, it was a stone cut without hands and without man’s intervention. There is a stone in heaven that has the strength to crumble that whole image, and the whole image will be crumbled; even the gold because it’s a stone from divine genealogy. If anything does not have that structure, it cannot do the damage God needs it to do on the earth.

Sin and death have the strength to wear out any other natures, which was why sin can go up to the mountain of the Lord and capture Lucifer. If sin had power to affect that realm then it has power also over the lesser realm. Angels humble themselves to come here for a moment and go back because this realm is dark; it is a world that is filled with fear and doubts. The angels wonder how we survive here. They know that the nature planted in us has the power and strength to ascend; this is the nature that is above all. It is an ascending nature; it came from the throne and is meant to go back there. That was what God demonstrated in the death of Jesus; he was planted in the earth here and descended to the lowest of habitat and from that realm, God raised him from the dead and seated him in the heavenly, above.

There is a heaven we know and there is one the angels know, but there is a heaven that no one knows except He that is from the place. Jesus came from a heaven that is above that which no one knows. The only name they could call this particular heaven is ‘above’, that is why with everything the enemy has done to the Church, God is not giving up. He knows what he has planted in the Church and so, it doesn’t matter what happens, God is not giving up on his agenda.  Because he knows what he planted which is His nature. That is why God is coming to nurture the nature and raise it up to Himself. If death has reigned, life will also reign and pass from one to all. So the realm of actualization of these things is the realm of wisdom. How did the devil know that if he corrupts one he would not struggle over the rest, how did he know? By this we understand when the Lord said that “thou hath the anointed cherub that covert”, there is something about wisdom that the Holy Spirit does not joke with. Even in the instance that he wants to negate what wisdom does it can only corrupt the wisdom he has. How did the devil know? The days we are in now is not even a surprise to Him; He knows already. The devil saw the day death will reign over the earth and everything will belong to him, but what he has not seen is the reign of life. God will not come like He came before. The world is designed not just anyhow, everything is calculated. One of the strengths of the serpent is subtlety which is a kind of wisdom, the devil himself is not reigning but he has crowned kings, because there is no way you will hear and the serpent reigned

One of the problems of the Nigerian political emergence is that every Nigerian wants to be the President and as long as that happens it gets the people weak. It is easy to terminate another leadership when you reign. But Satan did not look for a crown, he raised sin and death and he crowned them and because they are of his age men do not see them, they have the power to penetrate every family; even unborn children. Their parents are carrying the seed of sin in their loins. For God to create a seed that would desire Him he would have to play it out with wisdom. God plays with foolishness, so if you have eight children God will take just one out of them. Samuel sought to take seven different ones but God said no to all. It’s not easy for God to get a man out of the seed of the loins of Satan, the power that can keep men that way from God is not a mere power. For Jesus to get followers he pruned from seventy to twelve and even from the twelve he still battled with them. One of them that was a major part was taken up by the devil to go and meet Jesus and rebuke him.

To get a seed to serve the Lord is war, sometimes you think that when you are in church you think you are immune but you need to know that the major Centre of activity of Satan is the church. He uses raw death for those outside but he doesn’t come to the church like that. The sin in the church is not the sin in the world yet but in God’s sight it is the same thing. The devil comes to the church with higher forms of assault and higher wisdom. So he crowns kings to reign. It is in the nature of sin to reign, so when lust conceives it brings forth sin, when sin is conceived it brings forth death. It is in their nature to conceive and regenerate.

We will find out in the gospel that those things God sent Jesus to deal with are not of much interest to us today, and what we are fighting today are those things that came by death and sin. When you are stubborn and disobedient towards the things of Eternal Life, you have no future until you are changed because disobedience is the forerunner of death. Sin and death all came from disobedience and death was passed to all with condemnation and inability to rise above the destiny of man. You can only be an upgraded version of your father. The Church does not know the problem on ground, she looks away from these things while trying to deal with poverty, illnesses and political problems. Even if the Church in Nigeria is told to come and rule, there will be disaster.

There is something on the inside that has not been dealt with that has the power to go viral. It saw law and laughed, the law which came from heaven that even angels keep. When it came down sin saw it and laughed. It was given to men but death continued bringing more evil and God allowed that so as to show them that the devil lacked strength. God did that to show man that he needed God and God’s way. If God does not show them other ways they would not go through His Way. God gave them manna not cucumber which was “food of angels” and that became their pursuit, but that was not the way of the highest. He was introducing it to them that he would not come to them but show them the Way to come. That’s why the early Christians were called the people of the Way. He is the Way, this was the first thing he proved to them. Jesus said, “I am the way; the truth; and the life”. When we look away from these things we are only playing away from our salvation and we will never be able to say “O sin where is thy sin and o grave where is thy strength”. Revelation 12:11.

When we read through the Epistles you will see that they contain the warfare of the apostles. Today the devil has changed the warfare and the reason he’s over Africa instilling poverty is because he wants to keep the eyes of the people on him. He doesn’t want them to see the one who is at work but to keep fighting other enemies who are actually no enemies. With how poor Nigeria is, the Church has what it takes to take care of itself but what will not allow it to happen is sin and death. The early churches never took these things lightly. What the message of grace is emphasizing is that Jesus has died and it is time to reign and that is all. But do you know how long sin proved itself and it started to reign? The point of reigning is the point of power and authority for expression.

Our destiny should correlate with our learning. Therefore, we function by ordination and sense of knowledge. Sin didn’t reign easily until it gained mastery of all men, permeate all nations of the earth and intercourse with them until they gave him seed and their strength was broken down. By this, they bore fruits for him who are just by influence seeds of disobedience. So, we didn’t get here overnight. This is what will make Paul say “O wretched man that I am”.

One of the greatest way to lose a warfare is to undermine your opposition. You can’t tell who wins a war until you have fought the war. One of the major part of Eternal Life is to unveil sin; demystify it, open it; not to undermine it, because one of its strength is to hide, to veil. That’s why the apostles would always pray that it be exposed. The mystery of iniquity is already at work but it’s hidden. The bible talks about the patience of Jesus, but the devil also has patience. Not all patience is of Jesus; even human has patience, different levels of patience but they are all tried by the Word of Truth. This the reason we have to be given the patience of God because we cannot use our own patience to keep on in the Word of Truth. They have designed a way to expire human patience because it’s not dependable; in the face of the assault of the earth, it would fizzle out. The devil can stay, he stood against Israel and when he was going to do that he moved David. So when you claim to have a prompting or a movement let it be checked first before you head out, for its not every movement that is of the Holy Ghost.

When the devil knows that you are a treasured possession, he will sit with you to see that you misbehave, he has that strength and that patience. That’s why there are lots of warning that we might prepare our hearts to have the capacity to tremble before such adversary. Most of the times we tend to lose those who don’t have that template of heart to fear. Why the church is not getting to these dimension is because we undermined the enemy. If you’ve been in the school of the Word of Life for some time and there is no more trembling in your heart, you’re weakening the house, because when we lose you, you will weaken the advancing army.

When David was anointed you’ll think he has a right, if he explains to you it would be unreasonable. That’s why the wrath of man works not the righteousness of God. It’s not all our anger that has bases, there is somebody who has mastery of our way and can take advantage of it against us. He didn’t get there at once, it took time, a lot of investment. David is from the lineage of Judah, and the prophecy already says, ‘the scepter will not depart from Judah nor the law giver from between his feet’, so the scepter belong to Judah not Benjamin; it was when Israel yielded to the pressure of the enemy that they wanted a king like other surrounding nation which was an order that wasn’t going to last. Presently, those nations are no longer in existence and that order of kingship has changed.

David was a pattern of Christ a royal seed. For many years he was in the wilderness, until the Lord sent Samuel to anoint him. David had become King from that day; he became the spiritual king of Israel though there was already a standing king on earth represented by the house of Saul. Saul was standing in the flesh; the house of rebellion, while David was standing in the house of the Spirit. The Lord raised and anointed David. He didn’t move him straight to kill Saul because he’s a king and his kingdom will have to pass away. You don’t take that kingdom like that because it’s not only Saul that is reigning, he was reigning with his children. Saul has a whole family of Benjamin, so if you remove Saul, you have not removed the kingship. You can’t just ask that the devil be taken away just like that because he is anointed and you can’t dethrone the anointed like that.

A church can be roaming round and yet not do the Church. It is God that can deal with the anointed not you. That is why David will not do anything against Saul even though there was a need for that kingdom to be taken away. God had taken it away spiritually but it cannot be done away with like that, it has to pass away. David was anointed again in Hebron. Hebron was a place of authority; he just needed to stay a little longer there and he’ll take over Israel. To this end, there was a long war between the house of Saul and that of David. In those days of war, David slept in caves; he was more like an area boy, yet he has the royalty though Saul was still governing. David had the spiritual rule yet he would not take it. For those times, it looked like he had no confidence, capacity or form of comeliness, but the scepter belongs to him and he’s going to pass through the days of his coronation. God led David from places to places to build in him the stature to reign.

When he was hungry and got to Nod, he met the priest being hungry and asked for food. He was served the shrew bread meant for priests, it was a portion he needed to be able to function in Hebron. 1 Samuel 21:4.

We must understand timing in royalty, time for stature, time for anointing, time for release for maturity, time of reigning. Why the Church has not had the strength to make progress is because she wants to reign immediately and confesses it. It doesn’t happen that way! The elders of Judah went to fetch David; he didn’t say it was his time to shine, he didn’t even know the time. When we ask “when”, we have not begun. Joseph was going to prison and he told the guys he helped out to remember him in the lord made sure that they forgot, he was there for full two years until the time when his word came.

Jeremiah 23:1-8

There was something they were supposed to eat to move them. The Lord raises a king by feeding him to reign. Reigning is God’s expectation and the reason he looked on the house of Judah for the seed. The Grace Revolution preachers are editing the bible fast to conform to what they are preaching; they are ever learning and never able to come to the knowledge of the Truth. Not all knowledge can bring us to the knowledge of Truth but when we intercourse with Truth, we bear its fruits. The most intelligent cannot handle revolution of the earth because they are also under deception.

These spiritual kings didn’t quickly reign; their strength, dependability, faithfulness were proved before they could gain mastery, be crowned and began to reign. When you say somebody is crowned it means there is a responsibility the person has gained mastery of. We need to have a firm grip of what we are hearing so as to be properly equipped. If the devil can stay and allow sin to grow and reign; what manner of strength, patience and consistency do you think that being has?

Revelation 1:5

And from Jesus Christ, who is the faithful witness, and the first begotten of the dead, and the prince of the kings of the earth. Unto him that loved us, and washed us from our sins in his own blood,

This address is to the kings and priests of the earth who have been made kings and priests unto our God. So, when he washed us in his blood, he generated a seed that has a mandate. The pathway to the mandate is to make us kings and priest which is what we become when we are washed. Reigning is for a particular time and allotment as kings and priests have to be made. We became potential kings and priests when we became born again because when we died, sin gained strength and began to reign. So also, righteousness must also gained strength in us, then we can reign. Halleluyah!


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