resign to light

Truth cannot be practised alone; it has to be domiciled in a community of God’s children. The Church must learn to respond to her social duties at all times and not when the problem comes to our doorsteps because our faith must find expressions in our social environment.

Light is the visitation of God to the earth. Lights are personalities as Jesus is the Light of the world. God wants to raise agents of Light in the Church lest darkness overruns it. Light has to birth us so that we can be children of Light because not all children of God are children of Light. (John 12:35-36).

We must enjoy Light and become children of Light because the essence of Light coming to us is to give birth to us. We cannot bring change if we have not become agents of light. When we get to our conflicts, we must be able to engage them with Light. (Luke 16:8).

For Light to dispel darkness there must first be awareness. Light is an armour we must put on to be able to answer to the demands of our time. (Romans 13:12, Ephesians 5:14). May we find help to continue seek Light. Amen!


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