The Vision and Prophecy!

Lion 3

The Light of God is the only Light capable of governing the civilization that is currently reigning in the earth at this season. The Vision has been clearly defined in the heart of God but the devil has tilted the eyes and heart of men from it. What will restore the place God has always prepared for men is His Vision. In the Church today, the vision is blur because men have been put under a covering cast by the devil, a cherub whose one of his abilities is to cover. It is he who is the covering cast upon men and has blocked the heart of men from the hope of the gospel.

One of the things that the devil has kept the generality of the church under is the thing that is currently afflicting men. The natural things that are afflicting men are home with the devil- his terrain. Man in his frame is actually the Lord of the earth (1 Corinthians 15:47) but God is interested in us coming to the very heavens that belong to him (Matthew 24: 2).

The Light that God is raising in the Church as instrument of governing the earth is in the very heavens of God, which is why it is alien to men. Every man is grass (1 Peter 1:24) and is born blind (John 3:3). That is why the essence of being born again is to treat the eyes from blindness. One thing the ministry of Eternal Life does is that the Light must be reflected in us and become refracted. The Light that Jesus is giving to the Church at this season is meant to align men from the Light that have refracted/ turned them away from the way unconsciously.

The way to make men bow from the cunning way they have unconsciously entered into is to find a higher knowledge or Light. If you don’t know that your brethren have been hijacked by another Light, you may not have compassion for them. The Church is not fighting with a seraph but a cherub. The priest of the people must not be blind, because the business of God is the ‘above’; the real home where everyone who have been saved will be sent to.

Isaiah 9:8

The Lord sent a word into Jacob, and it hath lighted upon Israel. 

Jacob was not just a person, but a tribe and a typology of the believers called the Saints in Light; that is why their inheritance is from above; from the father of Lights. That which the Lord is doing at this time and season will ensure that Prayer centres will no longer sell but only Word and Light centres will sell because the essence of the Light that God is sending is for the governing of the earth and the heaven. Amen!


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