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That which we need to be satisfied is God and it is only through the Word of righteousness that He can be ministered; every other thing is only an attempt. You cannot hear the Word of Life and not insist that your life follows after the pattern of the Spirit.

There is a difference between that which was done hundreds of years ago and what is happening presently. It is not possible for a man to be revived to those times without the building up of the Word. There is must be a process of soul-changing, happening in the present days, except that happens, men even in the midst of revival will begin to fight themselves.






The blessing that has been allocated to the Church is found in the Word of Truth. The content of the Word of Truth is the Word of Truth. Stay under the content of the Word; that is the way I turn men; it’s the way I draw men close. Do not despise the Word of Truth! If indeed you have heard, I will send it again, until you are turned and the heaven bears witness that you are one of us. Do not despise hearing, do not despise the word of truth, it has been brought to give you strength and this is the day that you have been designated for Truth. Stay under!


Many times, we don’t know that God has helped us by not making the realm of the Spirit visible. He has kept some things away from us for our own good. In the natural, if we see some particles, we will be confused because they are not good for us. That is why learning is good because many things cannot be observed through the eyes, we need to relate with them through knowledge. So many things are after us because we are endangered species as people of faith. Sometimes we feel if we run to church we will be covered but it does not guarantee utmost safety because we can be in church and be in trouble. This is why there is need for the eyes of our understanding to be enlightened because some things are apparent while some are mirages. We will come across a lot of mirages in life and as we can’t run to the mirage hoping to get water, we have to keep on learning and never outgrow knowledge. When we were children, we didn’t know a lot of things about our childhood but when we grew up and are are told how we were carefree and careless, then we realize mercy kept us from those things that could have killed us; sometimes through our parents; more reason we need them.




There is the abundance of Light that God has been announcing for some time now on the face of the earth. It has been coming and we have been feeding on it. It is the message of Life! There is a particular kind of Light that we are to feed on; we are not meant to feed on just any light. There are lights, there are angels of light and angels of darkness. We are to feed on light until we become light; the light in discussion is not floodlight.



A man in a suit standing behind a podium giving a speech


Hebrews 12:26

‘’Whose voice then shook the earth: but now he hath promised , saying, Yet once more I shake not the earth only, but also heaven.’’

God has been working among His blood-bought Church to bring to pass His eternal counsel on the earth. But the enemy has sworn that God’s counsel will not be fulfilled. He has always sought to pervert the programme of God by spreading blindness among the people of God. Typical of him as a pervert and a deceiver, he has fought desperately to corrupt the pulpit and God’s word so that believers will not grow up unto Christ in all things and inherit the blessing unto which we are called. (1 Peter 3:9). But the Lord will not leave His people without a witness. He has raised a remnant upon the earth who will not partake of the inwardly corrupting and outwardly appealing dainties of Babylon!

The Church, like Israel, had for a long time been without the teaching priests and the true God. (2 Chronicles 15:3) The vision of the prophets, who should show the way of the Lord, has become blurred and the table of the Lord, where the Bread of Life should be served for strength and enlightenment, has become full of vomit! People have left off following the way that leads to life eternal and have hewn for themselves broken cisterns that cannot hold the water of life that is meant to sprinkle souls and turn them from dust into grass, and from grass into trees of righteousness, the plantings of the Lord that He might be glorified!

But the Lord is working untiringly to restore His people into the New Testament order where the focus is Christ and the life He has come to give by His Word which is meant to raise us up by teaching us so that we can live in His sight! The Church today has left teaching the message, which is the only message Christ committed to the apostles. This then is the message that God is light and in Him is no darkness at all. (1 John 1:5) Jesus charged the apostles to teach all nations by baptizing them into Christ, not water baptism which is just the answer of a good conscience! (1 Peter 3:21)

There is a hope of the believer, which Paul clearly describes as the ‘hope of our calling’! (Ephesians 1:18) It is NOT the hope of our coming. God has His hope and we have our hopes; but God has called us unto the hope of eternal life, that is, He wants us to inherit eternal life, which is not just a blessing or a promise, but the blessing and the promise. (Psalm 133, 1 John 2:25) But the aged and wicked dragon knows that the moment believers begin to concentrate on the hope of eternal life which God, who cannot lie, promised us before the world began and has ordained that it be made manifest through the preaching of the truth that is after godliness, his end will come! He began to pervert the hope and gave men another hope of a life that will pass away!

Peter categorically reiterated what Titus said that we have been called unto a lively hope that is predicated on the resurrection of Jesus from the dead! Jesus did not die to make our lives better, He died for this hope! It is ONLY when the essence of the hope, laying hold on eternal life, is fulfilled that our lives can truly be better! We cannot become better without interacting with the contents of the better testimony established on better promises by which we can receive better things that accompany salvation! The devil tried to deceive Abraham into thinking that a child is his inheritance; but God made it clear to him that He, God, was his shield and exceeding great reward! Abraham saw through the enemy’s deception, and against hope (natural intervention), he believed in hope (eternal inheritance/the promise of life)! He did not stop at being blessed, he journey with God and became a blessing! We can never be a blessing without connection to the life of the resurrection and Life Himself! (2 Timothy 2:9-10)
You can be blessed on earth and never come near becoming a blessing! When Christ, the hope of glory, becomes your focus and pursuit, that is ONLY the time you can become a blessing and also inherit the blessing, life eternal! What the devil does deceptively is to ensure that we concentrate on what will fade and pass away; the earth! So believers, rather than pursue the hope of eternal life, attainment to the fullness of CHRIST on earth and not when we get to heaven, they get involved in the rat race that characterises the life of a gentile: what to eat, what to drink, how to make it in life (with no slightest idea of what ‘it’ really means), healing, miracles, signs and wonders, getting a spouse, giving birth to children, securing visa to go abroad, getting a job, building a house, becoming a millionaire, victory over problems…sadly, the list is endless!

Satan blinded the people and no one is concerned about becoming conformed to the image of the Son! No one seems to care about fighting the good fight of faith and laying hold on eternal life! Nobody cares about their eyes of understanding being enlightened so that they access the true riches in Christ, hardly will you see a believer groaning and travailing in prayers to know Christ and the power of His resurrection! What a sad commentary! To worsen it all, supposed ministers of God who should serve the truth of God’s word and teach and preach the hope of eternal life have left off doing that! All you hear on the pulpit is how God will better your natural life, healings, miracles, signs and wonders have replaced the Word of grace that can build up the people so that they can access their inheritance among them that are sanctified. Signs, wonders and miracles will never build you up neither will they form Christ in you! The Church, which is the pillar and ground of truth, has been turned by pastors, bishops, prophets, general overseers, etc. into a solution ground, a mountain of solving problems! Tune your radio sets and all you hear are pastors who have almost become herbalists, asking people to bring oil, water, fruits to overcome their enemies; and unfortunately, people rush to such deceptive meetings! Jeremiah 5:31

But Jesus told us that the victory that overcomes the world is OUR FAITH! Not water, candle, oil, handkerchiefs and others! They overcame by the blood of the Lamb and the word of their testimony, not by anointing oil! Some pastors, for lack of access into the word that can raise men up, have resorted to interpreting dreams for people and they call it ministry! Ministry is opening people’s eyes and turning them from darkness to light and from the power of Satan to serve the living God! Some men and women of God even have areas of specialisation in ministry! Some believe they are called to make men rich. Some said their calling is to firstborns of families. For some others, it is to barren women, to give them children! Some ministers specialise on demons, they practically know the names of every demon! Jesus cast out demons, He healed and delivered the afflicted but He never preached healing or demons; He preached the gospel of the Kingdom (Matthew 4:17, Luke 4:18). He asked for disciples who will carry their cross daily and follow Him so that they can know the truth which will, in turn, bring them to life!

But the counsel of God shall stand and the thoughts of His heart to all generations! As much as Satan is working to shipwreck the faith of many by seeking to make believers perpetually earthly, God, Who is light and in Whom there is no darkness at all, is also raising His holy apostles and prophets to speak all the words of eternal life! The word of righteousness is gaining speed and God is calling His children into life! The faith of our Lord Jesus Christ is being declared and as long as He lives, the whole earth shall be filled with the knowledge of the glory of the Lord as the waters cover the Sea! Get ready for a switch! Get ready for a change! The hour of true liberation has come to deliver men from the bondage of corruption by the preaching of the true Word of Faith, which is the Word of Grace and the Word of righteousness so that we can REIGN IN LIFE!!!


resign to light

The Life in discussion is the Life that is in God. We are to reign and exercise the dominion power. If He is reigning, then we must reign because the one reigning is Christ the Lord.


Rev 3:21

‘’He that hath an ear, let him hear what the Spirit saith unto the Church.’’


We are seated with Christ in his throne which is the throne of his Father. We can’t reign if we are not kings and if a king is going to reign there must be a throne. We belong to the throne spiritually, but we must walk our way there in our souls. If we are going to reign with him, we must resign. To resign means to relinquish ownership or submit.


Rom 5:17b-21

“…much more they which receive abundance of grace and of the gift of righteousness shall reign in Life by one, Jesus Christ…That as sin hath reigned unto death, even so might Grace reign through righteousness unto eternal life by Jesus Christ our Lord.’’


Whatever we enthrone or make king will surely reign in our lives. If we enthrone sin, death will reign but if we enthrone Christ Jesus, Life will reign. There are things that must be dethroned from our souls in this meeting that the space be occupied by the real owner. We cannot enthrone something that is contrary to him and expect that he will still reign in us. Whatever we enthrone will reign in our souls (Rom 5:17b).

Sin must not reign unto death in our lives anymore; it is time for the reign of grace that will give God’s righteousness unto eternal life.

Revelation 1:5-10; 5:10

He is a king and is making us kings for the purpose of reigning. We are meant to reign on earth and not in heaven. The reigning is expected to take over the earth. Our reign in Life is by Christ Jesus. To reign in Life, we must prevail because Christ prevailed. We can’t partake of the Kingdom without Glory because the Kingdom has Glory.


2 Timothy 2:10-12

Christ Jesus endured all things for the elects’ sake, so that they may partake of the Life of Glory, which is the Life of Christ. The Kingdom to which we belong must gain priority first in us and not our personal lives. We must drop things that are not of him. For Christ to reign over the earth, we all have a part. We must learn to bring our body under subjection, so that God alone can have the glory. If we are not living or being quickened daily, it means we are not dying daily. Only those that are dying are those that are indeed living.


2 Corinthians 4:11-16

‘’For we which live are always delivered unto death for Jesus’ sake, that the life also of Jesus might be made manifest in our mortal flesh…For which cause we faint not; but though our outward man perish, yet the inward man is renewed day by day.’’



John 1:4

In Him was Life; and the Life was the Light of men.

Light brings Life! Jesus describes himself as the Light of the world. Life and light are interrelated. When we meet with the light of God, we meet Life; they are the same personality. Life must reign first in us before it can reign in Nigeria. Everything that God wants to give to man is in Him. Man has used so many things except the Light of Life. Life Campaign is a medium to meet the Light of Life. When he reigns in our individual lives then the problem of our nation is solved. God is doing a new thing in this generation and he is making us the first partakers. We must pay full attention to what Heaven is downloading on us. Our prayer should be that we will come to the knowledge of our father and come to know the reason for his death. It is the day of the Lord and he wants us to know him as Father! Halleluyah!


Questions and Answers: June Edition


What is the best way to help adolescent and teenagers out of peer pressure?


Creating an atmosphere around us that makes the child believe we love them.

The truth is that identity and definition of an entity is enough to cause pressure, some children are born matured, the instincts in them is enough for them to be under pressure. It is natural for a child to be under pressure, parenting attitudes play a role, but the best way is to give the child Holy Ghost very early, if you want him to be a leader, a man with the Holy Ghost is a leader.

Leadership is within, it is normal for a leader to always lead, basically a child must be given the Holy Ghost, many homes plays around these thing, but it is a key thing. When a child has the Holy Ghost he will be bold.

Orientation is what makes people different, the Holy Ghost expresses himself at different level, and in different way. Spirit is a stronger influence than whatever you may have physically. Package the truth by the Spirit, and the child will express it.

A child with the Holy Ghost comes out moving without knowing what is moving him, the earth was made to be inhabited by Spirits, invite your child into prayer and pray for them. Do not get too busy with your environment, package the word of truth in various manner and give your children. No matter how much a child loves you, he will face some pressures in life he will keep to himself despite been close to them. The Holy Ghost will help such child even when you are not there to help including if the parent dies, the Spirit will still be available to teach such child.

A child is from infancy to adolescent, God has what is needed to train a child, but sometimes because of our earthly wisdom we forget some things. There is no way you can remove the expression of adolescence from a child, if you manage to take some expression away they will find a parallel for it.

The adolescent stage is a period where everything taste at its best, it is an experimental stage, where a child experiments with matters of life and that’s why in some cultures, there are rites done to initiate a child into the adolescent stage.

The first agent of socialization is the home, followed by school, the church is also an agent of socialisation, acting as a home, a school, a community and a society. The church encompass all agents of socialization in her. The place of the Spirit and the place of God cannot be over emphasized. There are behaviours found among the children of believers that are not found in the child of unbelievers, this is because the devil also assault believer’s children too.

The bible said “train a child in the way it should go”. There is an “us” consent and there is “ours” consent, as a parent you must endeavour to integrate your family into the church community through the local assembly. You cannot hit a soft point all by yourself, you need someone else to hit that soft point, you cannot see all that is needed by yourself to train your children you need assistance, all answer is in God, and he gave all answers through the bible and the Holy Ghost. God has a manual for training a child through the Spirit, other things can come in later, but the first is to integrate a child into a local assembly. It is not just what you are doing in your family, the church as a whole body of Christ has a general mandate.

One of problem children face is isolation from adults, at school, the majority of teachers are Student teachers meaning that teenagers spend most time with their peers than with adults. Children often believe their teachers more than their parents. Children learn many things from the school and that is why there will always be pressure on them to experiment and look for answers, but integrating them into the church will give access to people who will be involved in training them. We should take away the “my child” mentality, because parents are care takers, when you have that in mind, you won’t give your children opportunities they shouldn’t have.

To a soul that is hungry, everything is sweet, it is only a full soul that desire honey, train a child in the way he should go, not only through spanking but other ways. Learn the world of your child for their sake. Don’t spare your child, insist they do what they should do. Allow your child to participate in your activities like helping you get water while you wash the car, helping in the kitchen etc., this will help develop a sense of responsibility in them. Let them go through some rigor so that they’ll know life is not bread and butter, and hence it will help them to be able to take charge of responsibilities on their own, also build their sense of judgement regarding certain matters.

Recognise a bad identity in you that is reflecting as a trait in your child, find a way to deal with it, and do not say the child looks like you. A child who does not respect their mother will not respect other women outside, what you do should not be only in words, it should be accompanied with actions.

Children are not that innocent, when your husband insists on some things agree with him, your children cannot love you more than your husband, neither should you love your children more than your husband, do a lot to help the child to respect others before they go out a disgrace you. There is a lot to do concerning children not only in your biological children, but other children around you.

Rebellious parent will raise rebellious children, God is not afraid of the teenager’s age, God placed those things inside them, don’t give up on them because of their nature, learn about their nature. Embrace them, don’t separate them. There must be a convergence between the youths and the adults, the early church didn’t have youths and children church, it is a single church. There must not be a gap between the young and the adults. We don’t want hierarchy that will lead to imprisonment of expression, the pastor should not see himself as higher than the children, he should be there in all their programmes, not just to participate, but to supervise them. Life is dynamic and the church should be like that.

There is nothing hidden in the body of the youths and the adults, it the same, one of our problem is that we raise a false estate and that cannot save us. Most of us sitting here today asked questions from our parent regarding why things are done the way they are, the same way our children are asking us why some things are the way they are, so we should not hide some things from them thinking they would not understand.


Is it every church that has the word of truth as an instrument?.


Every church ought to be build on the foundation of the word of truth, but the unfortunate thing is that every church is not, because most churches are born out of reactions. Most pastors establish church because they were not happy with the way things are in their former church not because God called them into ministry. Many people are not aware about this, they just find themselves there. Without enough light, enough waiting, you’ll end up in error. There are certain reasons God will not invade an assembly with light, one of them is if they started it in rebellion.

In the New Testament, light is transferred from people to people, there are people you should be under till there is a transfer of the spirit from them to you so if you refused to stay under their authority and you go out and started an assembly, it will end up drying off.

Most churches are established because of offering, the Lord know the churches that are his. Iniquity is not committing sin, by erring. But God will judge the man who propagate the truth in error, though men may be saved by such assembly, church is not just church there are ways God has ordained it to be.

It is not difficult to get large assembly, all you need do is to make people see the loopholes of the current churches and correct them in your own and their members will come running to yours. Some pastors believe that it is only their church that is good this is not true, there are things that God will put on hold to humble the heart of the set man (Church Leader).

(John 1:1) The word was with God, the word himself is God, how wide is God, just how deep is God no one knows, but what he has done through the gospel is to convey Himself to us in measures and give to the churches. The word of truth, God is truth, the father is Truth, the Holy Ghost is truth, and the word of these three personalities is being communicated to the churches. There are churches of new birth, that cannot be taken away, it is important but God does not want the church to remain in a place.

The problem we have today is the arrangements of the church, some churches keep children busy with activities thinking the truth is not yet for these children, since they have not grown to the point of understanding the truth. It is our job to make the children understand that the world of truth because it is meant for everyone not the adults alone, the gospel is to save us and our household.

There are many times you change your mind because of the light that has visited you, when light comes to you and you believe in light, it is remission of sin. Our inadequacies must be shown to us for us to see where we are and how we need to keep pressing on, for if we stop along the way we will not get there. There should not be anything added to the gospel to make it bulky, motivational talks should not be added to the gospel.

There are some truth of God’s word that we can receive easily, we have to get to meat, strong meat and even to bones. It is not easy for our mind to understand the gospel, some minsters add their own to the gospel because they do not have access to some things.

The occult members take their first born to their meetings so that when they die the child replaces them, same way we must initiate our children into this. In the past people put the truth in bible schools, the church does not need a bible school to teach the truth, we should teach everything in the church, the church is not raise pastors but to raise the fullness of God in man.

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Eternal Life Embassy, Ondo


Proverbs 8:1- 4:Does not wisdom cry? and understanding put forth her voice? 2 She stands in the top of high places, by the way in the places of the paths.3 She cries at the gates, at the entry of the city, at the coming in at the doors.4 To you, O men, I call; and my voice is to the sons of man.”

Wisdom is so particular about men, unto men is his call made; his voice is with the sons of men. Man has a major task in what God wants to do, in times and times to come. The Lord changes not but his nature is in variation. You can see his variable expression in all of that which he has created. He made ages and allows them to pass away but he himself does not change. God has words and he is the…

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Prophetic declaration for Nigeria and Word of Wisdom for the Church

The things which I have began to do I will bring to an end. I will make it to be seen, it shall not tarry but hasten to quick fulfilment, the time for these things are come, time spoken have come, I will make everything, everything will be put to motion so that this nation can stand, we have chosen Nigeria and this place to project our name, image and our self, it is a choice from the Beginning. I will redefine Nigeria, you will see Nigeria as it should be, for what you see today is not her. I will show you Nigeria, I will bring forth Nigeria, within her boundary I have apportion her portion in destiny to bring the nature of God to Nations.

I will bring wisdom to my sons of how things will be actualized and of how things will be done, so that you can come to understanding, there is wisdom among you, and many prophesies have gone ahead but I bring you to that which is for the NOW, I will draw a line between dark sentences and true prophecies, I will take away confusion and cause many to assemble, this is the choice of the most high, it is a choice that cannot be aborted, a decision that cannot be aborted, we will bring light to the prophet and the senate and they shall bring you what Nigeria is to be.

We receive the assembly of agents, ambassadors of change, the midwife of new birth, new habitation, new alignment, we find ourselves in this time as we congregate and assemble together. The sons shall come together, the power and authorisation to function is being delivered and being granted, access to the Nigerian Senate is granted, to educate your thoughts and mind, you are being empowered in the name of Jesus Christ.

Word wisdom for the church

There is a burning in your hearts it is an evidence of my call, there is a heat in your heart, I have put heat and burning in your hearts, it is a call you must heed, there is hunger in your hearts, do not ignore! That is an evidence I have sent my call into hearts, you will come to the burning, a place to harken which will bring you to begin to obey the call being made to your heart, your obedience to the call is an opening for you into a higher expression of life, pay attention and you will know that that is my voice, I have loved  you I have called you from the throne. It is time for you to obey! Pay attention! Harken! I will open door to greater manifestation, when you harken. it is the deep calling to deep! Do not ignore but obey, your blessing is in your obedience, it is your circumcision! Your sanctification! A separation of your heart! It is your blessing, obey it! Do not ignore it!

The Lord want us to pay attention. It is a wave of the Spirit and God want us to pay attention to his dealing with us in this moment.

The blind Bathemeus threw away his garment, so did Peter his fishing garment when he heard the Lord’s call. The Lord wants us to have an evidence of his call, when he calls,a clothing must fall away, something of our past, which has hitherto followed us will be taken away. Paul said “that I might not be found, having my own righteousness (Roman 6:2). There is a degree or a kind of righteousness that God requires of us and we must be able to live it. God today is using tongues to speak to us his intention for the now. God wants us to attend to these things.

This a time to pay closer attention, to check out these things, not only what we understand when we hear him but what his own thoughts are. It is time to go a little bit more to ask what are the essence of these things, God helped Moses to pay close attention when he saw the burning bush, the Lord could have spoken before Moses came near, but he chose to speak when Moses came near.

God chose David who has no record of being enlisted in the military, yet he was able to fulfill the will of God for his generation. The teaching going on in the recent times are major driving force that will move us to the obedience of faith so that we can become a major source of his flow of living waters, this work has to be done in us, it can’t be done if we do not pay close attention.

The fire of God will spring up in many places, it will be spread, the Spirit like fire which is the judgement of God on heart will stand in every place.

Judgement is the highest place of operation of the church. She must take a stand in judgment. The power of the church is to be able to look into the heart of the father, when his intention comes for us, and then establish it.