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What is the best way to help adolescent and teenagers out of peer pressure?


Creating an atmosphere around us that makes the child believe we love them.

The truth is that identity and definition of an entity is enough to cause pressure, some children are born matured, the instincts in them is enough for them to be under pressure. It is natural for a child to be under pressure, parenting attitudes play a role, but the best way is to give the child Holy Ghost very early, if you want him to be a leader, a man with the Holy Ghost is a leader.

Leadership is within, it is normal for a leader to always lead, basically a child must be given the Holy Ghost, many homes plays around these thing, but it is a key thing. When a child has the Holy Ghost he will be bold.

Orientation is what makes people different, the Holy Ghost expresses himself at different level, and in different way. Spirit is a stronger influence than whatever you may have physically. Package the truth by the Spirit, and the child will express it.

A child with the Holy Ghost comes out moving without knowing what is moving him, the earth was made to be inhabited by Spirits, invite your child into prayer and pray for them. Do not get too busy with your environment, package the word of truth in various manner and give your children. No matter how much a child loves you, he will face some pressures in life he will keep to himself despite been close to them. The Holy Ghost will help such child even when you are not there to help including if the parent dies, the Spirit will still be available to teach such child.

A child is from infancy to adolescent, God has what is needed to train a child, but sometimes because of our earthly wisdom we forget some things. There is no way you can remove the expression of adolescence from a child, if you manage to take some expression away they will find a parallel for it.

The adolescent stage is a period where everything taste at its best, it is an experimental stage, where a child experiments with matters of life and that’s why in some cultures, there are rites done to initiate a child into the adolescent stage.

The first agent of socialization is the home, followed by school, the church is also an agent of socialisation, acting as a home, a school, a community and a society. The church encompass all agents of socialization in her. The place of the Spirit and the place of God cannot be over emphasized. There are behaviours found among the children of believers that are not found in the child of unbelievers, this is because the devil also assault believer’s children too.

The bible said “train a child in the way it should go”. There is an “us” consent and there is “ours” consent, as a parent you must endeavour to integrate your family into the church community through the local assembly. You cannot hit a soft point all by yourself, you need someone else to hit that soft point, you cannot see all that is needed by yourself to train your children you need assistance, all answer is in God, and he gave all answers through the bible and the Holy Ghost. God has a manual for training a child through the Spirit, other things can come in later, but the first is to integrate a child into a local assembly. It is not just what you are doing in your family, the church as a whole body of Christ has a general mandate.

One of problem children face is isolation from adults, at school, the majority of teachers are Student teachers meaning that teenagers spend most time with their peers than with adults. Children often believe their teachers more than their parents. Children learn many things from the school and that is why there will always be pressure on them to experiment and look for answers, but integrating them into the church will give access to people who will be involved in training them. We should take away the “my child” mentality, because parents are care takers, when you have that in mind, you won’t give your children opportunities they shouldn’t have.

To a soul that is hungry, everything is sweet, it is only a full soul that desire honey, train a child in the way he should go, not only through spanking but other ways. Learn the world of your child for their sake. Don’t spare your child, insist they do what they should do. Allow your child to participate in your activities like helping you get water while you wash the car, helping in the kitchen etc., this will help develop a sense of responsibility in them. Let them go through some rigor so that they’ll know life is not bread and butter, and hence it will help them to be able to take charge of responsibilities on their own, also build their sense of judgement regarding certain matters.

Recognise a bad identity in you that is reflecting as a trait in your child, find a way to deal with it, and do not say the child looks like you. A child who does not respect their mother will not respect other women outside, what you do should not be only in words, it should be accompanied with actions.

Children are not that innocent, when your husband insists on some things agree with him, your children cannot love you more than your husband, neither should you love your children more than your husband, do a lot to help the child to respect others before they go out a disgrace you. There is a lot to do concerning children not only in your biological children, but other children around you.

Rebellious parent will raise rebellious children, God is not afraid of the teenager’s age, God placed those things inside them, don’t give up on them because of their nature, learn about their nature. Embrace them, don’t separate them. There must be a convergence between the youths and the adults, the early church didn’t have youths and children church, it is a single church. There must not be a gap between the young and the adults. We don’t want hierarchy that will lead to imprisonment of expression, the pastor should not see himself as higher than the children, he should be there in all their programmes, not just to participate, but to supervise them. Life is dynamic and the church should be like that.

There is nothing hidden in the body of the youths and the adults, it the same, one of our problem is that we raise a false estate and that cannot save us. Most of us sitting here today asked questions from our parent regarding why things are done the way they are, the same way our children are asking us why some things are the way they are, so we should not hide some things from them thinking they would not understand.


Is it every church that has the word of truth as an instrument?.


Every church ought to be build on the foundation of the word of truth, but the unfortunate thing is that every church is not, because most churches are born out of reactions. Most pastors establish church because they were not happy with the way things are in their former church not because God called them into ministry. Many people are not aware about this, they just find themselves there. Without enough light, enough waiting, you’ll end up in error. There are certain reasons God will not invade an assembly with light, one of them is if they started it in rebellion.

In the New Testament, light is transferred from people to people, there are people you should be under till there is a transfer of the spirit from them to you so if you refused to stay under their authority and you go out and started an assembly, it will end up drying off.

Most churches are established because of offering, the Lord know the churches that are his. Iniquity is not committing sin, by erring. But God will judge the man who propagate the truth in error, though men may be saved by such assembly, church is not just church there are ways God has ordained it to be.

It is not difficult to get large assembly, all you need do is to make people see the loopholes of the current churches and correct them in your own and their members will come running to yours. Some pastors believe that it is only their church that is good this is not true, there are things that God will put on hold to humble the heart of the set man (Church Leader).

(John 1:1) The word was with God, the word himself is God, how wide is God, just how deep is God no one knows, but what he has done through the gospel is to convey Himself to us in measures and give to the churches. The word of truth, God is truth, the father is Truth, the Holy Ghost is truth, and the word of these three personalities is being communicated to the churches. There are churches of new birth, that cannot be taken away, it is important but God does not want the church to remain in a place.

The problem we have today is the arrangements of the church, some churches keep children busy with activities thinking the truth is not yet for these children, since they have not grown to the point of understanding the truth. It is our job to make the children understand that the world of truth because it is meant for everyone not the adults alone, the gospel is to save us and our household.

There are many times you change your mind because of the light that has visited you, when light comes to you and you believe in light, it is remission of sin. Our inadequacies must be shown to us for us to see where we are and how we need to keep pressing on, for if we stop along the way we will not get there. There should not be anything added to the gospel to make it bulky, motivational talks should not be added to the gospel.

There are some truth of God’s word that we can receive easily, we have to get to meat, strong meat and even to bones. It is not easy for our mind to understand the gospel, some minsters add their own to the gospel because they do not have access to some things.

The occult members take their first born to their meetings so that when they die the child replaces them, same way we must initiate our children into this. In the past people put the truth in bible schools, the church does not need a bible school to teach the truth, we should teach everything in the church, the church is not raise pastors but to raise the fullness of God in man.

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Eternal Life Embassy, Ondo


Proverbs 8:1- 4:Does not wisdom cry? and understanding put forth her voice? 2 She stands in the top of high places, by the way in the places of the paths.3 She cries at the gates, at the entry of the city, at the coming in at the doors.4 To you, O men, I call; and my voice is to the sons of man.”

Wisdom is so particular about men, unto men is his call made; his voice is with the sons of men. Man has a major task in what God wants to do, in times and times to come. The Lord changes not but his nature is in variation. You can see his variable expression in all of that which he has created. He made ages and allows them to pass away but he himself does not change. God has words and he is the…

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Prophetic declaration for Nigeria and Word of Wisdom for the Church

The things which I have began to do I will bring to an end. I will make it to be seen, it shall not tarry but hasten to quick fulfilment, the time for these things are come, time spoken have come, I will make everything, everything will be put to motion so that this nation can stand, we have chosen Nigeria and this place to project our name, image and our self, it is a choice from the Beginning. I will redefine Nigeria, you will see Nigeria as it should be, for what you see today is not her. I will show you Nigeria, I will bring forth Nigeria, within her boundary I have apportion her portion in destiny to bring the nature of God to Nations.

I will bring wisdom to my sons of how things will be actualized and of how things will be done, so that you can come to understanding, there is wisdom among you, and many prophesies have gone ahead but I bring you to that which is for the NOW, I will draw a line between dark sentences and true prophecies, I will take away confusion and cause many to assemble, this is the choice of the most high, it is a choice that cannot be aborted, a decision that cannot be aborted, we will bring light to the prophet and the senate and they shall bring you what Nigeria is to be.

We receive the assembly of agents, ambassadors of change, the midwife of new birth, new habitation, new alignment, we find ourselves in this time as we congregate and assemble together. The sons shall come together, the power and authorisation to function is being delivered and being granted, access to the Nigerian Senate is granted, to educate your thoughts and mind, you are being empowered in the name of Jesus Christ.

Word wisdom for the church

There is a burning in your hearts it is an evidence of my call, there is a heat in your heart, I have put heat and burning in your hearts, it is a call you must heed, there is hunger in your hearts, do not ignore! That is an evidence I have sent my call into hearts, you will come to the burning, a place to harken which will bring you to begin to obey the call being made to your heart, your obedience to the call is an opening for you into a higher expression of life, pay attention and you will know that that is my voice, I have loved  you I have called you from the throne. It is time for you to obey! Pay attention! Harken! I will open door to greater manifestation, when you harken. it is the deep calling to deep! Do not ignore but obey, your blessing is in your obedience, it is your circumcision! Your sanctification! A separation of your heart! It is your blessing, obey it! Do not ignore it!

The Lord want us to pay attention. It is a wave of the Spirit and God want us to pay attention to his dealing with us in this moment.

The blind Bathemeus threw away his garment, so did Peter his fishing garment when he heard the Lord’s call. The Lord wants us to have an evidence of his call, when he calls,a clothing must fall away, something of our past, which has hitherto followed us will be taken away. Paul said “that I might not be found, having my own righteousness (Roman 6:2). There is a degree or a kind of righteousness that God requires of us and we must be able to live it. God today is using tongues to speak to us his intention for the now. God wants us to attend to these things.

This a time to pay closer attention, to check out these things, not only what we understand when we hear him but what his own thoughts are. It is time to go a little bit more to ask what are the essence of these things, God helped Moses to pay close attention when he saw the burning bush, the Lord could have spoken before Moses came near, but he chose to speak when Moses came near.

God chose David who has no record of being enlisted in the military, yet he was able to fulfill the will of God for his generation. The teaching going on in the recent times are major driving force that will move us to the obedience of faith so that we can become a major source of his flow of living waters, this work has to be done in us, it can’t be done if we do not pay close attention.

The fire of God will spring up in many places, it will be spread, the Spirit like fire which is the judgement of God on heart will stand in every place.

Judgement is the highest place of operation of the church. She must take a stand in judgment. The power of the church is to be able to look into the heart of the father, when his intention comes for us, and then establish it.

The will of God: The word of the work of the father

John 3:11

The first Adam being earthly and a living soul and the last Adam from heaven and a quickening spirit. The earthly is a living soul, the first Adam is a living soul, not just a flesh, a living soul that is earthly, and he has authority and dominion over the earth and over the heavens of the earth. The Lord dwell in the very heaven, it is the throne of God, when you see God in heaven, he expresses himself as the Father. The nature of the throne must be quickening spirit not living soul, so everything in heaven lesser than the quickening spirit is not actually or truly in heaven or the very heaven (cf.: PSALM 89:2).

God himself lives in a sphere of heaven which is called ages to come or very heavens, ages are transitions and expressions of God. Heaven means dwellings of the spirit, earth is dwelling of organic life, the dwelling of living soul. It is the intention of divinity to make living souls to dwell in the very heavens, but they have to be upgraded, by bringing the very heavens to the earth, this is an expression of the age to come.

In the core of the truth of God, anything outside the very heavens is earthly. When Satan was cast out after iniquity was found in him, he was still in heaven, but he fell into a lower estate, which is another heaven, but because of his nature, he yet power to rule over the nations of the earth. Jesus is the revelation of the very heaven, before he came, no man understood the complexity of the spiritual. (cf.: John 3:13).

No man hath ever ascended up to heaven, there is a barrier that separated man from the heaven, though the destiny of man is to ascend, to be raised in heaven, that is where divinity is reserved. God dwells in the very heavens, that is the only place where he can truly express himself, outside heavens he can’t fully express himself. Illustratively, when a man goes out of his house, there is a way he comports himself because the occasion or his assignment, this determines his looks. How God has been seen in the past is dependent on the assignment he wants to do (Hebrew 1:1), because of this, any man who has not been able to see God the way he really is, cannot see God as he is except he goes to his abode, his abode is heaven ( hence the prayer“Our father who hath in heaven). Heaven is his abode, to see who he is we have to be invited to his abode.

As a result of lack of understanding, men have coined out religion as the mode of reaching out to God but Religion on earth is not the abode of God, man is designed to ascend, the privilege of man and his journey on the earth is to change his estate, estate must change. The gospel is the gospel of change. The gospel of Christ is that of incarnation i.e mortality must be swallowed up by immortality even while on earth and not reincarnation. A man must be able to ascend to heaven and descend while in the flesh. The world in trying to discern the gospel called it reincarnation, we are not teaching reincarnation but incarnation, we are not going to have a chance to come back after death, we are only going to have chance to be raised to be like Jesus. God decided to open the very heavens for man to have part in it, because he wants to raise children for the very heavens and that is the reason for the gospel, this has to be understood clearly so that our activity on the earth will not take us away from the essence of the gospel.

Our life has been programmed is such a manner that it synchronizes with what we will eat and be clothed with. I believe strongly that very soon there is going to be a people at 40 who will retire in their earthly vocation to pursue the agenda of God. Money is important on the earth and God can empower us to have enough wisdom at a tender age to earn it though this is not his primary intention for man because at a tender age Jesus was taken care of his family and he was not trying to survive. A generation still trying to find a way to survive at the age of 40 is under the oppression of the Devil, it is corruption.

The things of God needs time, it needs devotion, many of us at this point are still serving the world, though in our spirit we are serving the Lord. The balance is this, where your spirit serve, should serve the same and your flesh should be where your soul is serving, also should your body. The vocation of man is to ascend to the dwelling place where Jesus purchased for him, that is the core of the gospel. Jesus said “even the son of man, who has gone to the heavenly”… Jesus’ coming to the earth made him the son of man, he wasn’t the son of man at the beginning, he was the word, but through his walk on earth he navigated himself back to God to become the son of God. That is the way not to perish, if we are not pursuing this, then we are dead.

God is showing us all these things, so that we may understand the path, the journey is not to get little things on the earth, die and then go to heaven, the Lord does not want the world to have us, because if we are not careful the world will trap us, and the gospel is a wisdom to escape from the world. Jesus is the son of God, though God has other sons, but these sons are not the sons of the very heaven.

Most hymns were written by the Britons, or the American fathers was a reflection of their clinging to the Ten Commandments only. Little did they know that the one who received the commandments couldn’t fulfil it.

The Americans love charity, but charity can’t save anyone, the gospel is important even in our national rule and our day to day activities, if the gospel is not in it, it will withered away. The law is spiritual but it is not divine. No one can make progress in the Spirit by merely keeping to the tenants of the law or the Ten commandments. As man grows in the light of the gospel, he must also pray that the light should transcend also into his natural life. God anointed Jesus of Nazareth….. Act. 10:38). Jesus was sent as God with us (Emmanuel), initially it was God with him but later became God with us, the gospel is first sweet in our mouth, then bitter in our heart, the bitterness is to convert us.

Jesus when God sent him came to the Jews, he did signs and wonders, he gave many signs, yet they did not see the Messiah in him. In unbelief they requested a sign but they were declined but said there is no more signs than the sign of Jonah in the belly of the fish. The gospel is hidden, it is a mystery, the Jonah in the belly of the fish is the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ.

The entity of the very heavens is the word, the word is God, the word is light, when Jesus ascended to heaven, what brought him there is the word. The greatest gift Christ gave to us is the word. He is the bread of life, if any man eat of the bread, he shall ascend above. To perish is to be unable to ascend, to die.
Perish and death is in the domain below the heavens, Christ became the true bread. Christ came because no man has ever ascended, he was sent so that the eyes of the Jews may be shifted from their fathers. The Jews will not trade anything, not even miracles with their keeping of the commandments given to them by their fathers. The Jews are keepers of the law and it is the law that heaven wants to take from them.

Their fathers in the wilderness ate manner, which was given to sustain their hunger despite their disobedience of forty years. Only heaven what provision could have been made if they had obeyed? The little they do in their following the law still retain that provision made their fathers even till now. The Jews are a different crop on earth, they will always walk in company, you will hardly see a Jewish elder walking alone, they wear their own type of clothes and always with a sense of ownership despite many generations from Abraham, in their look is majesty. A Jew has dignified personality. In the past ten years, they have been building their house in a corporate form, with a designs of how their cities will be built. Though they are in the midst of the Palestine, you’ll know the difference between them and Palestinians.

Jesus faced them and told them, despite what their fathers did, they never ascended to heaven, what their fathers ate was manna. The manna is a physical food yet it has a spiritual ministration of the word of the Lord, in which even though they do not live the lifestyle of divinity, they will still live in a measure.
If a man is present in a church where the eternal light is being preached consistently, even with his disobedience and unbelief, he can have a measure of light, but God does not want us to continue living in disobedience, they ate the manna and still perished. God can leave us to survive over time by giving us grace to repent.

(JOHN 3:35). The fatherhood of God to Christ is not just a relationship, it is a genetic identity, their identity is needed for a sample of what God is doing. God doesn’t father you by you saying he is your father, he only fathers you by the gene of Jesus Christ, we can only be fathered if we believe in the way God wants to father us. We have an identity with God, it is real and is spiritual. The Father loves the son and has given all things into his hands.

God doesn’t deal with anything outside his nature or things carved out of his nature if that thing does not obey him.

JOHN 5:19. Jesus was almost stoned because he said he has an identity with God, the gene of God. The father doeth, the do does not do the work of creation as in Genesis, God does, he created everything and rested on the seventh day (Genesis 2:2). 

God created but the father doeth a work, what work doeth the the father the son now is doing.

JOHN 14:10. He work the works……. The father doeth the work, the words he speaks are meant to be worked. The work of the father is on the inside of a man, that is how change is achieved.
God gave the words, Jesus preached the words but the words were used by the Spirit to work, the words works wonders, the wonders of the work is the work going on the inside that brings enlightenment to the eyes of man’s understanding.

A man can go on in the church, without an understanding of what is being said, but if he believes, he will be opened up to be worked upon by the father.
God wants us to understand the way of the gospel, it is not everything that we hear that we all understand. Some things are mentally and with the Spirit’s help understood by us but continuity in faith is expedient. We must always say we believe, by this we can keep pressing on.

It is possible a man hears the word and it doesn’t profit him because it did not mixed with faith in his heart (HEB 4:1).

Interpretation of Tongues

Look unto my son, gaze on him, for I wrought a work in him, I did something in him, I made him aware of that which I did in him, in this season I have commissioned that the same work be done in you, I fathered him that he may father you, I have commissioned him to raise you unto me, I gave him a commission that the work I do in him be done in you if you wait, will you wait to allow your heart to stay on him? He is able to save as many that trust in him, I trust him, I trust my son, he will bring you to me, he will raise you, he will empower you, he is a patient builder, do not be in a hurry, he will build that which he will build precept upon precepts, line upon line, he will lay a stone in you and make you a fortified city, that I may dwell in you.

The words that Christ speaks is his work, Jesus while on earth made a quote from Psalms and also from the prophets because the prophets are witnesses. JOHN 5:17-47. The scriptures are important, God speaks through the scripture, but he has his own voice, the sheep knows his voice (John 10:27). The sheep does not only know the scriptures, they also know his voice. His word will give you his shape, his voice is actually everything. Everything Jesus did he did like an architect with divine touch who employed different person, when he sees the work rising he is happy.
God is a house, a dwelling place, a tabernacle, a building. Destroy this temple and I will raise it in three days Jesus said,but it meant his person. The worker supplies but God is the only architect who knows what the building should be like. Jesus on earth conformed to what the building should be like. The word the Father speaks is spirit and life, you may know the word and not the spirit. Many of us has the word but not the spirit hence not the life.

The word is quickening that is why he could raise the dead. The materials used to build Christ is quickening, it is the Spirit that quickens, the primary job of the Holy Ghost is to quicken. Adam came with glory, he is a glorious being, in his fallen state he is still glorious. By fallen, He only left another estate to another. This is a fall that cannot be repented of, it is sin unto death, a man only commits such sin when he sees the son of God and despises him.
When God made Jesus, there were lights emanating from him, not a single light but lights, when he spoke to Saul, his word was penetrating to the bone as light and as a voice.

You can read the bible and not be saved, but when you hear the words of Jesus, it is like a sound of many waters. After Christ has spoken to us today through this post, he needs to come to us as waters to come back to confirm that he is the one speaking through this post. That is why the Holy Ghost was given, it is the spirit of their mind. The Holy Ghost is the spirit of the Trinity, and what he rejoices in is the speaking their mind. The Holy Ghost speaks the son, when he speaks the son, he can work the son. This is why we are Spirit entities. In unveiling their understanding it must be their voice, the trinity gave the scripture with a boundary we must not go out of, but when the trinity speaks, they do not speak from the bible, they have their own word, it looks like the bible but it is not the same, for the letter killeth, but the spirit maketh alive.

2 Corinthians 3:6

Who also hath made us able ministers of the New Testament; not of the letter, but of the spirit: for the letter killeth, but the spirit giveth life. (KJV)

Our hearing is for us to be raised, we are the building of God, God is taking care of the countries but the father is taken care of you.

(JOHN 14:13). The father wants to raise us to be doer of the work, Paul did not only preach, a work was also done in him. The Father wants to the work to be done and that is the essence of the letters to the churches, there must be an effect of the gospel in the persons who hear it. When we ask in the name of Jesus, we are a doing our job, we doing the same as he did, raising men. Anything concerning the work that we ask, he will do it. The father is committed to the son, the son is committed to us (I in you and you in me).

John 14:10-16

10 Believest thou not that I am in the Father, and the Father in me ? the words that I speak unto you I speak not of myself: but the Father that dwelleth in me, he doeth the works.

11 Believe me that I am in the Father, and the Father in me : or else believe me for the very works’ sake.

12 Verily, verily, I say unto you, He that believeth on me, the works that I do shall he do also; and greater works than these shall he do; because I go unto my Father.

13 And whatsoever ye shall ask in my name, that will I do, that the Father may be glorified in the Son.

14 If ye shall ask any thing in my name, I will do it.

15 If ye love me, keep my commandments.

16 And I will pray the Father, and he shall give you another Comforter, that he may abide with you for ever; (KJV)

Sanctification of the vision series VI: The will of blood, the will of flesh & the will of man.


Interpretation of tongues

Yes on him was our grieve laid, the cross was a thing he must carry, he was ordained for the redemption of mankind, separate unto grieve and unto sorrow, that in his pain he must bring us peace, he is now our peace, the one the one who hangs on the cross, the one who is our eternal peace, the one who has made access for every man that come his way, the one that open the way unto eternal life, it is sure that man will inherit God and God will inherit man, it is a relationship that has been revealed at the end of days, he is the blessing of the Spirit, the light that is to be revealed in the midst of darkness, thick darkness. Great light has come to them that dwell in hell.

He is the Eternal Father, the one who died once, that all may come in, were the fruit of the sorrow he borne, it is not the Roman, nor the grave, it is the redemption of our soul, the inheritance and evidence that he the one that die and rose again. Who can doubt this? Come and see immortality, this is an evidence that cannot be stopped, that cannot be doubted, great is the mystery, God is made manifest on the earth, it is the evidence that Jesus was one on earth, that he knew pain, that we are born of God in our immortality.


What we have here cannot come on any other day, God is always interested in the Sabbath, meetings on Sundays is always about the Lord, from the patterns and trend with us and the scripture, God is peculiar about Sundays. We come to church on Sunday conscious of the lord, but that is not enough, this consciousness must be with us throughout the days of the week.

In church, the life of Jesus makes the difference. it is not very easy to understand the faith of Christianity, it is not as easy as reading the bible, it is God’s own vision for humanity, it is not what came by cunny craftiness of men, nor by man’s attempt to solve problem. The Christian faith did not come as an after-thought, it is what God has in mind for a specie of creation called man. It is important for us as man to try to find out what the vision is. We should look inward and find out the way to solve the problem of man which will be God’s answer for humanity.

Since the beginning of this year, I can see God trying to write very clear to us his vision and intention for humanity. His intention for the termination of death on the earth, i.e. The victory of man. It can be achieved, for man is require in the victory of light over darkness, no matter what God has come do, if man cannot respond to this victory, God’s hands are tied.

God has to come through Christ in the likeness of simple man to earth, because he does not want to invalidate his word that the earth is made for man. The word of God will not go unfulfilled, yet it depends on the generation that responds to him. This is why the word of God may not come in our days if we do not respond appropriately.

When you look at the state of the church today, her state seems so far from the possibility and her reality in God. God spoke to me 17 years ago that he will raise a strong New Testament church, despite that at that time it was the kingdom move, but today, I know it is possible.

God in the recent time has been focusing on his vision. God is doing just one thing, in the past few weeks we have come to the area of “The will of God” (read ). (JOHN 1:9-14). Man is born into the world, not just to family. What makes the present habitation/ world are: the will of blood, the will of flesh and the will of man,   these trios is the driving force of the world. When you are born to the world, you are drop into the thicket, like the Ram Abraham used for sacrifice, in the same way anyone born into the earth is born into a web called the “The world”. Everyone born on the earth is born of the world, even if you come from a Bishop’s family. The thicket is the will of flesh, the will of blood and the will of man. You cannot do anything on the earth without obeying the law of the earth, we are involved by all means into the world system.

God’s interest is that any man born will break through the thicket into the will of God. In Jesus there are only two domains: the above and the beneath. There is the world called darkness, it is the habitation of men who are not of God. The gospel of Jesus is the deliverance of men who are of these three will into the will of God. The program of God is overcoming, when you get the program right, you will realize that the world will not have power over you despite your presence in the world.

Jesus in JOHN 17 prayed, that “I do not wish that you take them out of the world……” the agenda is not to make us run from the world, but to give us power to stay. Before the world will pass away, something must make it pass away, this will be done by raising witnesses who will live the divine life and by such judge the world simultaneously by the waving of this same life. God is interested in folding the world up like a garment and it will pass away. The agenda of the church is to raise these witnesses, even when the world is in total darkness. These witnesses will not be shaken by anything, not even death.

When you read the epistles, it look as if it can’t take care of the issues at hand. One would expect that Jesus should be the one to write the best book, the best rule of life. Every religion has entities that are part of their devotion that makes them stable on the earth, but the bible doesn’t have that, no rules on the best thing to do. As a result, Christianity appears to be the most foolish religion, because after salvation and the receiving of the Holy Ghost, he didn’t say anything apart from the command to obey God, and that is why people have looked to other ways to get these rules, and today they pray different kind of prayers which is an arrangement to give their heart trust.

If we read Psalm 71 and miracles begin to happen, you will see how populous this auditorium will be because the world always seeks for any agenda that will sustain them on the earth, so every Pastor is faced with the temptation of assurance to keep the people in faith, by telling them their solution is ascertain.

The epistles seems not to be aware of our issues, even the Old Testament seems to care more about our issues, but the truth is that the gospel is true and encompassing. If the gospel is true, there must be something God has in mind for bringing in the New Testament, if the Old is not faulty, then there is no reason for the New. The mind of God is for us to come and see what is this Testament, Man cannot make it known, only Jesus that has the right to show it to us.

You can puncture Christianity, you cannot puncture Christian faith. 

The Bible means the book, Bible is not the word of God, but the particular book that contains all of God’s intention, without the bible the faith of God remain. God does not need the bible to send his son to .the earth. The physical bible is not the word of God, it is scriptures, the word of God is a person (c.f.: JOHN 1:1).

In the Koran, Islam and Koran exist as a phrase several times, but in the bible the word Christian it by does not exist there, the best you will see in the bible is Christians, and those who called us that were not believers, the word Christian in Antioch was a ridicule, if you want to suffer, suffer as a Christian. The build of our faith, does not look reasonable to a man that stays on the earth. To the world, you are not in good religion is you are in Christianity. Being the only Christian in your family should not terrify you, but it should rather make you stronger in the vocation, because you are in an ancient pathway that can make man higher than the earth, it is not a practice of the world, but a practice to change man. Christianity is an unredeemable change that happen to man, this changes his eternal destiny.

(JOHN 14:1). If you preach to some General Overseers that the hope of their Christianity is to go to the father, they will stop being Christian, because to them it is a miracle that you walk away from the course of this world. The essence of the gospel is to receive the works of Jesus and become the work of God, for the essence of the work of Jesus is to see the father. The father’s word is not the work of this world, somebody else has the agenda to build the world and by that turn men away from God. The world has researchers to solve the world’s problem, we don’t need God to solve these problems, the answer is in us.

The world is passing away and the things in it, though God blesses us despite being in the world, it is not in his agenda. We may build the best school, but we should know that Satan can take everything we have got in the physical away, because the element we used in framing them are the things of the world.

The powers of the system of the world is a web, once it holds you, if you are not careful you’ll die in it. The thing the world does is to keep us busy with activities that promote the sustenance of the system of the world. The activities are not just to keep us our earthly profession, but to keep us busy building the things that sustains the earth, while we forget building our actual house. The power of Eternal Life can give the energy to run our natural enterprises and/ or companies without it destroying you.

Our believing the gospel of Eternal Life is not to waste our life, but to make us another person. Jesus didn’t teach the disciples about professions on the earth, but what he teaches are commandments, his interest is God’s intention. The Holy Ghost can give you thought about your earthly profession, but that is not his agenda on the earth, his agenda is to bring the word of the father.

Interpretation of tongues 2

More outflowing and the evidence of his presence, he sees what he is doing that you can’t see, he is at hand to confirm these things. The lord is ministering wisdom and patience of the gospel, ability to wait, to stay and to receive all he is talking about. Every man can understand these gospel, it is of Faith. If your heart believes, you can understand because it is not for wise man, they are for babes, they are for children, not for wise men.

When God work inside you, your whole personality will be uttered, and whatsoever you do, there will be an outflow of that work that will come with it. When your spirit is bought, it transfers wisdom and light to your life. The natural educational system teaches the mind, but Jesus teaches from within, though the results may not be seen easily at first, but when the wisdom begin to flow into man it bring with it brightness even in the mind. You can be a photographer and still have his wisdom. The gospel does not teach excellence what is embeded in it is excellence. There is something in every believer that puts quality in what they do. He needs not struggle to maintain quality, it will come naturally because of the power at work on the inside.

The father dwells in Jesus, and the work of Jesus is to provide the father dwellings he can be in, if he will dwell there, then it means the materials of the building must be his very own materials. There are two works, Jesus called them: “the works I do…and Greater works…” What does this work are words. The works Christ was doing then was inside of his disciples and not the miracles, he did them by the word he was speaking to them. The greater works are to be carried out after he has gone to present himself to his Father and by such operates from a higher pedestal because at that point all judgment would have been committed to him, and whatsoever will be raised in anyone by the reason of his words via preaching/ teaching will be eternal. Even the visible things in Eden were framed by words. What design the light at creation in Genesis was a particular kind of word. But NOW, God has given a new commandment for a new light, for a new abode.

2 Corinthians 4:6 For God, who commanded the light to shine out of darkness, hath shined in our hearts, to give the light of the knowledge of the glory of God in the face of Jesus Christ.

This light is for a new world. What brought the terrestrial life was the word “let there be light” GEN. 1:1. The light is not the sun and moon, there are things that will define the entities that will live in that world.

Let there be light is not just a commandment, it is a program, a teaching, a word. If there is a change, something brought about that change. The change we see are from things that we cannot seen. In the times where there are physical change, there is a change going on beneath, that it is not seen does not mean that change is not on going. God commands and light shines, the commandment is for a life, it is a teaching, a knowledge. God gave Israel a commandment and that commandment is to define a new life for them. According to II CORINTHIANS 4:6; The light of the knowledge of the glory of God in the face of Jesus Christ is the new light, the new commandment.

The works that Christ do are not miracles, his word are his work (Luke  13:32 – And he said unto them, Go ye, and tell that fox, Behold, I cast out devils, and I do cures to day and to morrow, and the third day I shall be perfected.). Jesus is not a religious man. After his work is finished, Christianity will still be on the earth. The first work of Jesus of Nazareth, (ACT 10:38), is the work of God with us, Emmanuel, there is a work of God in Christ, this is the work of reconciliation. God in Christ reconciling men to him. There was a day (season/ phase) when Jesus was casting out the devil because God was with him, but he had to move to the new work, which is the work of God in Him, a new level of operation which demands a new commandment or program. This work of cure is from within, bringing healing from the inside (the soul). Jesus bore our sins on his own body, he did not need the wooden cross to heal the body, he has been healing the body even before he went to the cross.

(II PETER 2:24). There is a word for living, the word of the living, the just shall live by faith, the word of faith to aid us to live unto to God, to respond to God, to align to God in our soul. The second work of Jesus is “Cures”. Christ is our healer, not because he heals headache, but the sickness of the soul. Idols hangs on souls, diseases are present in the soul, when souls are healed idols fall away. What makes anyone feel inferior is the sickness of the soul. Sin is sustain by lust, once lust is broken, sin is defeated.

Interpretation of tongues 3

I heal, I will heal the sick, I will take away the sickness and seal you from the sickness, I am healing your senses, and sealing you from sickness, you are crossing from death to life, where sickness will not touch you. I am sealing against the sicknesses, you will no longer be seeing as sick, you will brought into the realm of life, you will dwell in health, this is the health of God, that you dwell among the healthy ones. The is health, that the death will no longer have power on you, that you have been kept away from corruption that is the health of God, you will no longer be called the sick, sickness will no longer be part of you, you will be made whole, the spirit is come to you to seal away from death, a sealing is going on to keep you from sicknesses.

The Lord is our healer, he is sending us word to heal us. He is taking us into the place where he is removing sin, righteousness is being inputted into our soul, he is removing sin from us and he is healing us. The work he does shall you do also, Jesus expect us to cast out devils, casting our devils is not just through deliverance, his also cast out devil. Nobody has the right of way into the souls of men, except the Father gives access. When the Holy Spirit comes, he brings light instantaneously, because he is the one who can make the soul. The father worked in the son first, and the son is the custodian of the Father and all that he commands.   

The work that God started in Jesus finished on the cross. At resurrection, he moved into another realm of service. At this stage, the Father had rested and Jesus is the one doing the work of the Father. The work of the Father in him made Jesus the Son, without that work God would still have accepted Jesus but Jesus subjected himself to allowing the Father to work in him on earth, and this pleased the Father well. It is the work that the father did in Christ that made him pleased in him. The work he did for thirty years was to move him to a new phase, while another three year work done in him took him to the  Father.

There are stages of Jesus going back to the father, the first thirty years was a going back, so also the last three years. Christ is the fullness of God bodily, he carries all of God, the full content of God, the fullness of joy.

Psalms 16:11 “Thou wilt shew me the path of life: in thy presence is fullness of joy; at thy right hand there are pleasures for evermore”. There are things of his pleasures and things of his right hand, sonship are the things of his right hand. The syllabus of light is pleasures and presence. The fullness of life: Eternal Life is the promise, the true destiny, the true God. This is the school of achieving the promise of life in the voyage of Eternal Life. The father is the promise, the father is the destination, Jesus cannot say I am truth and life at Jordan, he would be wrong because at that stage he was still a son of pleasure, he was yet to move to the son of his presence, i.e. the fullness of God. We should arrive at fullness joy. There are things that Jesus says that are the things of the son and at other times the things of the father which is an expression of the fullness of joy.

Interpretation of tongues 4

There is plea in heaven for us to endure these teachings, there is mercy reaching our lives for us to endure. This is our identity, the ones who are known of us are those who endure our words. I know thee not, but these ones I know. It is a must for us, it is God’s commandment for us, they are raising commandment for us.

You must not joke with the ministry of the word, it is a ministry of the spirit, where the spirit comes and interpret by himself, heaven wants to have a record in our days, that even if anyone err from it, men will yet have a place to come back to. Heaven has to speak and interpret by himself, so that we can have a record that he has spoken.

Questions and Answer April, 2017

  • What is the difference between sin and iniquity?
  • Responses

Sin is a nature, sin is who we are before we got born again, Sin is basically a nature, a realm of existence, a domain of operation, a fallen state, that brings us to certain base operations of life, sin a realm of dwelling, but iniquity has to do with knowledge. Lucifer was the first person whom iniquity was found in him, as iniquity has to do with knowledge, sin has to do with nature. There could be a sinning believer. An unbeliever is sin in his nature. It is not what he does, the nature he has, his father is a devil, and that is what makes him a sinner. A believer can commit sin, but that doesn’t not make him sin in his nature, because he has an advocate, there is hope for the believer, that one day he can stop sinning, but there is no hope for an unbeliever.

Hebrews 6:4. For it is impossible for those who were once enlightened, and have tasted of the heavenly gift, and were made partakers of the Holy Ghost.

It takes knowledge for you to commit iniquity, it takes being born on the earth to be in Sin. Either you are in Europe or Africa, as long as you are born on the earth you are born in sin. But for you to be in iniquity, it means you have been in light, and you went off the way of that light, iniquity isn’t going against the rule of the pastor. There is a knowing in the heart, that bears witness that you know these things. Iniquity is only committed by sons for it is sons who knows and have the knowledge of iniquity.

Adam did not commit iniquity, Adam sinned. Adam was in rebellion, he was in his estate and he fell, Lucifer orchestrated his fall. If you get to heaven Adam and Eve was will be there.

Before the day iniquity was found in Lucifer, he has been sinning before, but the day iniquity was found in him was the day heaven could no longer bear it. Don’t push yourself to the point of iniquity.

There are many words that are used to describe sin in the scripture. There is a difference between Sin and Sins. Sin is the nature. You sin because you are a sinner, sins are actions you do after knowing God after being born again.

I John 3:4 Whosoever committeth sin transgresseth also the law: for sin is the transgression of the law. Erring and going out of the way, to miss the mark is sin. Iniquity is wickedness, perversity. You cannot perverse something without knowledge.

ROMANS 1, described the way people has turned away from the law of God. Perversion is what you do in consciousness, you know about it, you are a conscious about it, and you deliberately decided to turn like Lucifer corrupted his brightness.

Both sin and iniquity are bad, but iniquity involve sons, it is not something done without knowledge or understanding.

Jesus has appeared to take entities called sin away, and it must come to us as a reality, Christ has come to take away sin. For a child of God is who knows how to do good but didn’t do it, it is sin unto him (cf: James 4:17. Therefore to him that knoweth to do good, and doeth it not, to him it is sin.

But what is GOOD? You cannot know good until it is revealed, it is not sin. Good is what God revealed, (Romans 14:23, “…….whatsoever is not of faith is sin), what is of faith? Sin is more than the way we look at it, we need the knowledge of God to judge sin, that knowledge will make you to turn away from sin”.

Those who make viruses that attracts computer also makes antivirus, they makes virus because they want to sell the antivirus, it is a deliberate attempt of by them to destroy your smart device so you can look for them for solution.

Sin must be dealt with, and that is why after they have dealt with sin, they need to deal with iniquity, you can see sin nature, but you may not discern iniquity, you need higher light to discern iniquity. There are some veil that the enemy has provide for us to see, instead of seeing what God has provided, we look for another thing, a worker of iniquity (cf:  MATTHEW 7:23), is one who helps iniquity to prosper, you need light of God so that you won’t help the enemy to propagate what he is doing. Those who do not love the truth will work lies and hence help iniquity to prosper because when you don’t have the light of God you will work iniquity.

  • Please I need clarity on these thoughts: I use to think that heaven is my reason for being a Christian but I have seen now that God is my goal.  But what happens to the saints and generals of faith who are late already? Could they be in heaven or in God knowing fully well that some of them do not have the understanding that God is our goal? If they are in God what happens to them? If they are in heaven what happens?
  • Responses

(I Corinthians 15:58; I Thessalonians 1:15; Hebrews 6:10). You should worry about yourself and not those who has gone. God is not unrighteousness to forget your labour, you did was minster to the saints but the work was for God, forget about those people, they are faithful, what God reward in the people is their faithfulness. The Holy Spirit didn’t leave the earth when the disciples left the earth, God will judge the people who lived in the dark ages by their heart. You may deny God, but God will not deny himself, what God reward in people is not the amount of light in their days, but how faithful they are to it.

Don’t judge yourself with men of old, the people of the past, God reward faithfulness and how faithful you are to the light. It is God that brings light to you, that is why you have to be faithful to the light. Heaven is God, God is in heaven, and heaven is heaven because God is there, that things you called heaven is in God. If God is in your heart, heaven is there. Certain thought can affect your dream at night, it doesn’t mean it is a reality, the generals are gone to be with the lord and whenever heaven (God) is moving, he will move them, for Heaven and Earth will pass away (Matthew 5:18 “For verily I say unto you, Till heaven and earth pass, one jot or one tittle shall in no wise pass from the law, till all be fulfilled.”).

The generals are in God, they are not going to have the same measure of light, but they will eventually know. The parable of a man who went to hire labourers at different times of the day, yet he paid them the same amount. We cannot plot eternal life on graph, they are in God, they will find rest, their tears will be wiped away, by the time you have journeyed you will find out that you are not yet all you can be in God.

What happen to the saints who have gone is that they are in God. It is our taking step on what we hear by believing that brings more light to us. We should not despise revelation, majority of Christians do not have light on the fact that God is our destination, actually in the real sense, we will never be on the same page with the men who doesn’t have that light, because we have used that light on the earth. The past generals walked in the light God gave them, who knows if heaven has revealed our present light they would’ve fought against it and God had to allow them to walk in that light. There was a light that was from the beginning, the knowledge of the glory of God must cover the earth, just as the light of going to heaven has covered the earth, the same way the light that God is our destination must also cover the earth.

God has his intention for every generation, the best is kept for the last, if you are in the allocation of the last, don’t toil with it, don’t play with it, it can be for a short time, there is a major warfare that we will handle that the past man cannot handle. We are going to handle the dragon, if God is given you a light in this time, it is not a joke, these things is not about revelation, it is about the dragon we are going to face. The oracles of righteousness that kept the past generals may not keep you and that is why you need a new light. There was a time great light broke upon the earth. God has spoken about the last days that in the last days he will cause to bring to us both the former rain and the last rain together. (C.f. Joel 2:23) Be glad then, ye children of Zion, and rejoice in the LORD your God: for he hath given you the former rain moderately, and he will cause to come down for you the rain, the former rain, and the latter rain in the first month.

The message we have been given is not to castigate people, but to respond to heaven, the light Daniel got was not his light, it is a light from God. When God gives a gift to save a whole generation, you should not play with it. Revelation is God’s mercy to break the judgement of death and we should use it, wait on it, and help others with it. If after today Jesus call you home, by the reason of light you have you will be better than those who gone in the last century, and you will miserable compare to those who will come a century after you. It is about election, those who are alive and living (C.f. I Thessalonians 4:15), means those who are alive and abiding.

In my father’s house there are many mansions, meaning the house is a whole kingdom, none of us here loves God as David, but after he has served his generation he slept, David and others are witnesses in their days, based on the revelation given to them, they attained a stature of witnesses, just as we must witnesses unto God, based on an order, people will be judge based on what God has revealed to them. Revelation is progressive, (Deuteronomy 29:29 The secret things belong unto the LORD our God: but those things which are revealed belong unto us and to our children for ever, that we may do all the words of this law). Revelation is that which is kept hidden, meant to be revealed in the last time, last is not last year, it is a program. What Abraham did was a starting, we are reaping, and without us they will not be perfect, God is not unrighteous, it is all about election. It is not for us alone, it is for every saints. Imagine if the little light you have can be open up to the saints in Nigeria? The truth we have must travel forth.

  • (Rev 21:1). Please who/what will be the inhabitant of the new heaven and who/what will be the inhabitant of the new earth? Which one should I want be?
  • Responses

Just do what will make you be at that destination, what you know now is not all of God, what you know is now everything that has been revealed so far, the essence of God revealing what he is revealing now is for us to do the work. The heaven and earth will pass away, it will melt with fervent heat, another will come, but in the new heaven and the new earth righteousness will rain. God could have put man in heaven but he chose to put him on earth. Being earthly is not sinning but being a dweller of the earth.

The New Jerusalem is coming out from God, there is a city, not a literal city, a city that has breadth, height, length. Heights talk about layers, when Jesus was coming down (C.f. Revelation 12:19), the armies of heaven came with Jesus, in the new heaven, God will make everything new, what God actually intended will come to pass. Because we never knew what Adam could have been if he had not fall. Link revelation back to Genesis to know what God has in mind when he created man. In the new heaven, man will actually be in his image. It is not about being on the earth or heaven, it is about access to God. The city in revelation is a joint assembly of people, people formed the body of Christ. Our goal should to be at the appropriate place, wherever God is should be our goal.

The reason God is putting emphasis on God as a goal is that all things came from God, God is the creator of heaven and earth. From God both visible and invisible thing came forth. When you talk about going to heaven, there is a heaven that has a geographical place. Hell is both a geographical place and a spirit. The whole of the visible constellation is earth. The earth is a place that has organic life that supports the living man. But when you get to God, you will get to the place where these physical things were birthed, the highest place in God abode is God himself. God is saying if you can see the visible things that came out of God, you can see God himself.

(Psalm 89:1) There is a very heavens, which are place in God, other heavens are not very heaven, the heavens of angels are not the very heaven, and the essence of the gospel is to bring men to the very heavens. The very heavens is God’s throne, the things there are the showing forth of his faithfulness and mercy, the promise of God for eternal life is a showing forth of mercy, you cannot access it by your willingness, but by activity of mercy. It is not every person that can access it, it is who God show mercy to access it. I will have mercy on who I will have mercy on (C.f.: Romans 9:15) For he saith to Moses, I will have mercy on whom I will have mercy, and I will have compassion on whom I will have compassion. The gospel truth are the very things. Not for this world but for the world to come, every heaven has its own earth. The current earth and heaven is for prophets. Our authority is not designed for this earth, let us focus on the message coming to us that is showing us our very place. Because the things to come are waiting for the vessel that will make them appear. Jesus has to come, because he is the gateway for the world to come. We are the gateway to coming of Jesus, if we don’t come to this realities we will just continue like this, because Jesus will not come.

  • I am new in this waters but I long to grow up into Sonship. How can attain Sonship in shortest time possible?
  • Responses

Continue to hear and abide by the waters, if you want to attain sonship, you should know that there is work for you. Attainment of sonship is in all the hastiness of your heart. Sonship programme cannot be attained in short time, but God can shorten the days. Except the days is cut short……Mark 13:20 “And except that the Lord had shortened those days, no flesh should be saved: but for the elect’s sake, whom he hath chosen, he hath shortened the days”.  The cutting short of the days is not of us but of God, it is not a mark of spirituality, it is light, light makes you accelerate fast. Someone who got born again last year can accelerate faster than you. Celebrating the years is Christ is of no relevance, what counts is growth in Christ. Light travels fast, growth is accelerated by light.

The way to grow is not somebody pushing you, but you pushing yourself. It is exercise, we must exercise ourselves. A challenge you can take up for yourself is to want to know everything about God. Don’t wait till you have opportunity to preach, give attention and diligence to make your calling and redemption sure. This will come as a result of applying yourself. Majority of people apply their heart to natural things, but we should apply our heart to the things of God, when you put your heart on any things, that thing will open up. It is a light that breaks out in you. You can have a secular vocation, but be conscious of growing in these things. Find a way of staying at these things and something will rest on you.

Authority rest on stature not on emptiness. Study to show yourself approve to God (C.f. II Timothy 2:15 “Study to shew thyself approved unto God, a workman that needeth not to be ashamed, rightly dividing the word of truth”), it is God who approves. It is not about what you do in church is it about the stature. Give your heart to these things, place demands on yourself. You must deny yourself, something must go. Discipline yourself, and leave the place of increase with God. Have you planted, have you watered? So what will God grant increase in?

Sanctification of the vision V: The Will Of God

Preaching is just a part of our fellowship, so is worship, and we are privileged to be partakers of both. Sunday meetings alone cannot fulfill what God is trying to do in us. And is not a feeling of spirituality.

God wants every believer to have access to the vision as part of the gospel. Our hearts should be meditating on the essence of the teachings of this vision. The vision is in God’s heart for every man. It is displayed in various places in the scripture. It’s His heart; what he purposed since the earth began.

How you know you worship is when your heart is one with God. There is something God has in his heart before he created the world. It is his intention that ‘’he might gather all things in Christ’’.

Ephesians 1:8-11. Some things are silently repeated in that scripture: “what God purposed in himself is the fullness of his will”, ‘’in the fullness of time’’, ‘’that he might bring together all things’’, “gather together all things”, “that there may be a global expressions of Christ in all things on the earth”. All things are created and separated, but Christ is the focus of the creation of all things. Everything is created to embody Him. He is more than a person, but an arrangement that exist in all things. Christ is first a singular existence in His person and then a corporate existence. Jesus is the head of the global existence called Christ; He is the first man in the Christ entity.

Jesus Christ in the head of all things and at the fullness of time He will gather together and put in place everyone that all might express everything in God. Without God nothing was made, everything created came from God.

Ephesians 1:8: “which he made to abound toward us in all wisdom and prudence,” The “us” in this verse is not just everybody; it is first Paul then all other people after the order of his commission. One thing God is waiting for is the fullness of time to make the word visible because for a long time the world did not see the church.

Christ appeared to men in different ways and places: to Paul He appeared on his way to Damascus, but to some of us, he just appeared to us in our rooms. The world does not know Christ, and she denies him, but a time is coming when Christ will be as visible as the sun. You cannot deny that the sun is shining; the whole earth waits for it for it is the evidence that the day is breaking. As evident as the appearance of the sun is, so shall the appearance of Christ be.

In the day of the formation of Christ, it seems he is invisible. But what we are going through now is the adornment of the bride for his appearance. It will not happen anyhow. The whole of heaven is supervising it. Genesis 1:26  “And God said, Let us make man in our image, after our likeness: …” is an agenda that was put together in wisdom. That wisdom is called vision: it is a day on the earth when the church will be visible and man will be made in the likeness of God. If we are laboring now, we are laboring for that day. The will of God is the vision in another form. What God wants and desires is the call of the life of God; the call of the breath and the pulse of God.

Hebrew 9:17 “For a testament is of force where there hath been death: for it doth never avail while he that made it liveth

The will is of force when the pulse stops. A man’s will is the written document of his own life. What a man gives to the lawyer is the document of the transfer of his life. While a man is on earth breathing, what he is breathing is his will. A man would only deliver the document of his will to the one he trusted. For it is whom he gives his will (the written document) that will determine if his will (his life) will continue after his death.

Ephesian 1:1. “Paul, an apostle of Christ Jesus through the will of God, to the saints that are at Ephesus, and the faithful in Christ Jesus

We need to understand what Jesus Christ died for. It is the call of all the apostolic writings. It is not just God’s choice; there is something inside God called “will” that made Paul an apostle. (Cf: Romans 1:1, 1 Corinthians 1:1) The will of God is also the gospel of God and the breath of God. It is the pulse of God. When this is taken away, God is taken away.

Matthew 5:18. “For verily I say unto you, Till heaven and earth pass away, one jot or one tittle shall in no wise pass away from the law, till all things be accomplished”.

God will not give attention to the things that will make his will pass. God’s will is the very heart of God.

Thy will be done, as in heaven, so on earth’’ (Matthew 6:10) is showing that the first place God displayed his will is in heaven and he wants to display it on the earth. The earth has no excuse why the will of God should not be fulfilled on the earth. God guards this with jealousy, for when you tamper with it; you are toying with God’s fibre.

Every day, there is conspiracy of interest against Christ. Visible assaults of demons are not the only enemies of the church. There are things going on against us, called the ‘’will of Satan’’ also, there is something about man called ‘’his will’’ which is all what a man is made up of.

John 1:13. “who were born, not of blood, nor of the will of the flesh, nor of the will of man, but of God

The blood is a will. Tribes are products of bloodlines. We have a bloodline and if you don’t do things according to the way of the culture of that bloodline, they will hate you. What God used to put boundary between nations are between tribes is way and blood. Not physical waters and boundaries.  Anywhere you find blood, you find water. Flesh can mutate to humanism and this is why man can stand globally to say ‘’that is the way we want it’’. Nations go through many ways to go to God, but God raised a man called Christ and stated that any man coming to Him will have to come through Christ.

James 1:13-14. “Let no man say when he is tempted, I am tempted of God; for God cannot be tempted with evil, and he himself tempteth no man: but each man is tempted, when he is drawn away by his own lust, and enticed”. What a man had in mind (his own) to do is his will. The LGBT exist like armed robbers, like Boko Haram (Islamic terrorists based in Nigeria). They can come to church, but they are not part of Christ because the want to bring the things of man to God. There have been ideologies that have always been coming to humanity out of the will of man. These ideologies which are stronger than witches have an intention of programming man, and making man inaccessible by God. These are principalities. (Ephesians 6:12).

The will of principalities is very strong, if we don’t understand it, we will be troubled. The will is in men and it is God that can unveil them. Our ethnic bias, political bias and cultural bias are not in God. Boko Haram is an ethnic issue and they are using everything they have to drive it. Islam is a spirit that needs religion to drive it.

Hebrews 10:6-10. “In whole burnt offerings and sacrifices for sin thou hadst no pleasure: Then said I, Lo, I am come (In the roll of the book it is written of me) To do thy will, O God. Saying above, Sacrifices and offerings and whole burnt offerings and sacrifices for sin thou wouldest not, neither hadst pleasure therein (the which are offered according to the law), establish the second. By which will we have been sanctified through the offering of the body of Jesus Christ once for all”.

All the writings are for one thing: the will. The writing should culminate to that will. The reason we are hearing this is so that we make progress and come to the place where it is God’s will. The Yorubas have the same word for “will” and “love”. So, since it could be said that “God is love” then it will be safe from a Yoruba perspective to say that “God is will”. Also, when you have lust, it means you have a love for something else that is not the will of God (ifekufe: “love for a bad cause” Yoruba, Nigerian, language.) It is the will of God that can push away any other will. The reason Christ died is for this will. God is the will, the will is God; the gospel of God is the will of God. It is the will that sanctifies us.

Though Jesus had attained all before the death on the cross, he offered his body because of the will. The will is a power that drives all things. There is something Jesus knew God wanted and this made him to offer himself. He overcame the last phase of the temptation which is the death of the cross. He died to himself that he may bring alive the divine will up to the cross. He still had a measure of his will which heaven had to expunge for God’s will to be actualized. Christ is never Jew nor is Gentile, Christ is all in all. Everything called man was extracted from Him (Jesus) before he could attain the fullness of the will of God. Nothing but His will can put you in the place of God. Nothing can actualize God’s intention except his will. The offering is God’s will. The will is ordained to perfect every one that is sanctified.

Colossians 1:1. “Paul, an apostle of Christ Jesus through the will of God, and Timothy our brother”. God chose Paul that he might know the will. That scripture is a document that pertains to all our life. What Jesus raised in Paul, was a body that has all truth and understanding of the word of God.

James 1:18. “Of his own will he brought us forth by the word of truth, that we should be a kind of first fruits of his creatures”. The word of truth is the word of his will and the essence of the word is to bring to us his will. By such our will is being broken for his will to be established. It is possible to be hearing these words and not hear his will, when our own will is still intact.

There is a light at work in Paul that you cannot break. He was preaching what has been unveiled to him in his heart. The eyes of your understanding that is to be enlightened are not physical eyes, but the eyes of your heart. The first essence of the vision is to know the will in every circumstance you are.

The program of God is to bring knowledge in intercourse; intercourse is an inner touch, a knowing. When you will to touch, something touches you. Even when you go away you will not be the same. That intercourse; that enlightenment does not make you the same again. And with God, we must desire it. Devotion is good; it is part of the preparation for the will. The essence of the Holy Spirit is to gather us and to take us from the journey of our soul to hear the father, because there is so much of our will still inside us that should go out.

There is no inheritance from a parent to their children that has the eternal value except Christ and the first place to start in finding the will of the father is to have the knowledge of the will. To abstain from fornication will not make sense to you if you don’t have the program of the will. At the start you will abstain from it because it is said that it is not right, but as you journey further, you will get to know that you are abstaining because of the program of God. Inside the will of God is the program of our salvation. The reason we are alive is for the sake of the will of God, that Christ might become visible.

Sanctification of The Vision IV



Whenever you come before my presence, freely thirst. It is thy thirst that we quench. Blessed are they who hunger and thirst after righteousness for they shall be filled. There is plenty of refreshing in his presence, come in hunger and thirst when you come before his presence. Only when you come with hunger and thirst will you be blessed, only in his presence is true blessing. When we gather men together with us, we unlock the blessing of his face. Come with hunger, come with thirst, there is blessing and great refreshing at his presence.
This is an invitation of God to us. Why would he invite us, why will he beckon to us? The feast is ready, the table is set and the Lord does not want us to come casual. We are expected to come with the right attitude to his presence.


If you are feeling unloved, God loves you. Make yourselves loveable
They are saying to us: ”We want to seal in this season and we do not want hearts to withdraw”. It is a season upon the house and we want to bring the people into their blessing, into their Lot. The Lord is speaking to the Pastor that he should seal the people, look away from how they see themselves and how they look upon themselves, for it is the season of sealing.


Turn unto us and stay with us for it is a season of refreshing. Receive from us, set your heart right for the season of great refreshing is come to you. Look up to us for we want to refresh you and strengthen you. Look on us, discern us for we are close, set you heart right us and in order. Why do you keep yourself away from us in fear? Has any man ever come to us and we did not answer? How do you think in yourself that you can take care of yourselves? Has any man ever come to us and have we not received? Has anyone by worry added or improved his situation? Why do you lay yourselves with worry? Cast your cares and worries upon us and find a place of safety in us. Cast your burdens away and put your confidence on us.


The voice of the Spirit is to strengthen our hearts to stay on what God has spoken ahead of us that he wants to do. For a lot of us we may not be concerned but when the Lord begins to speak in this manner, it is to turn us because we have tendencies of deviating. God wants us to come into the reality of the principle of the Spirit that talks about us seeking the Kingdom. We cannot navigate the pathway of God without contrariness, we cannot go through alone except by being guided through.

We are actually making progress despite the fact that we may face a lot of issues on the path of life. Faith comes by hearing the word of God and what the Devil fights is for men not to hear God.

There is no super human and sometimes we think no one is going through what we go through. The truth is Jesus went through all we may or will go through if not exactly but in principle, and if he overcame, we will overcome. God’s interest is to make us in the decades (Now and After) that we are and will go through, which are the seasons of the unveiling of his interest and thoughts. These are divine ordination and thought. The prophecy that the ”knowledge of the glory of God will cover the earth as the water covers the sea” has been said a long time ago. And it is being revealed now.

God is true and God cannot lie, if he has spoken, his words are true, and it is has been confirmed through prophesies, God does not lie.

Heaven is painting clearly to us Divine thought. The Vision of God at the point we are in is very crucial for us to run the race, it is very essential.

The Gospel, and everything you find in it is a vision called The Vision Of God. God spoke by the mouth of many people, but what he is trying to paint with their mouth is just one thing. If we read the scripture without understanding that there is a map that God is making available to us, we will not still do the will of God, and we will not get the blessing of God, not just any blessing. There are many things we get that may not the blessing, they may just be good report, like what the elders obtained. God has chosen a time of the earth that the blessing will come, not just receiving the blessing, but obtain the blessing. It has been vital in the heart of God since ages past. This is the reason God has been unveiling things to the church (EPHESIANS 3:5).

We have to pay close attention to the things that we are hearing. Pray in the spirit often, even if you do not understand what you are saying, be interested in it. For through tongues God reveal his desires for the church. We do not run as one that beats the air. It is clear, what God has in his mind is The Vision. What God made known to the holy apostles by the spirit is The Vision.

When you see the writing of the apostle, you will notice that their writing were crafting of wisdom.

TITUS 2:2-14.
What the gospel is supposed to build us unto is a Peculiar people, full of wisdom, and these things are important to our salvation, if they are not clear to us, we won’t be saved.

I PETER 2: 1-4.
There is a word that is designed to us to make us to be able to go beyond, to be able to lay aside, laying aside is a part of this programme of life. This must be happening every day, it is called sanctification. It comes with an experience and a kind of word.

Prayer: In the days we are in, when the vision is open to us, we will see the beauties of what the Lord has been doing since the days of the father. We will see the message of the fathers in Spirit, for the PROPHETS are sent with a message for God’s people.

God has an intention on the earth for which he sent his word. The intention of God for the earth should be according to the vision. The idea of raising son is not conceived by any man, it was God who conceived it. The word he brings to us sanctifies us. It is the whole word of God that is designed to raise us. Like the system of education in the world, where a man is raised from Kindergarten to become a Professor. The gospel is God’s agenda for raising his own ambassadors. Ambassadors for Christ is not just tag, it is the word of God through which he reconciles us to God. We are being made a tool of reconciliation, and the whole project is a vision, it is a first thing that anybody who comes in to Christ must receive, it is not just a crash programme, it is a training. A terrible training to equipping. The knowledge of the holy is a design of God that will train us.

In the part of God’s programme, laying aside must be what should be happening all day. You cannot lay aside malice once, for there is a malice that you have that you don’t know about. Malice is a nature that will be handled by revelation.

”Laying aside all malice, all guile, hypocrisies, envy and all evil speaking…” that you may grow, there is a word that will make us outgrow these things, it is in the Gospel. There is a gracious side of the Lord in the vision. We will not be saved, if we don’t understand the project of the Spirit, and if we are not be saved, we will not be able to save other.

The best we have as man is terrible, the best we carry about in life is terrible, that is why James said ”laying aside all superfluities of nothingness…”(Ref- James 1:21).

After we have laid aside, then we will move to the word of grace, that is able to move and build us up. (ACT 20:32). What sanctifies us in the vision has constitution, it has courses.
Building up is a vital part of the vision. (I PETER 2:4-50).There are things that are able to prove what is good and acceptable. The good work will make you come to the labour of what is good. There are dimension, which must be fulfilled IN the vision.

The gospel is the wisdom of sanctification, seeing Christ is not seeing him walking, it is seeing how God was formed Christ. What is in Christ is what is unveiled to us as salvation. Beings are made of what, not just who, we know their who, by their what. What is inside of any being, what any being thinks of is who he is. For as a man think in his heart, so is he (Proverbs 23:7). The what of a man is what makes up the man. There is a level we get to, that all what we do is that which is acceptable to God. The gospel is the wisdom that is ordained for our salvation.

(I PETER 2:9).

The place of being chosen leads to us being made a peculiar people, then the good pleasure of God comes to us, and it brought us through Christ, it is not our holiness, it is our calling that made us holy. Holiness is a separation. Being chosen is not the same as being peculiar. We are holy because God chose us, but we need a word that will purify us from all weakness and flesh. To make us zealous and ready. The faith have allocation to make you a governor, but is does not mean that we have been position in the faith life to be a governor.

There are works that faith process you for, there are allocation that they have been watching over you by your progress in faith, to shoe forth the effect of faith. The essense of faith is to build us up. It is not that we are going to be perfect before we start showing the nature of God, the two go up together. You were doing your things before God called You.

Eternal purpose does not depend on your natural gift, he can use it or may chose not to use it. For it is a life for his own word, before you got born again he has chosen it. When you are going on your earthly voyage something else began, the good work. What he began in us is a good work, a good work of faith, he has the power to perfect it and move it to maturity. You will be going on your earthy voyage, but he wants you to know that as you are going in life, something else is going on. It is not about what you are going to eat for before your mouth was created he has been existing, yet he created your mouth.

It is not failing in school, is it not being slack in your business, it is by understanding, what the son came to give is understanding. The devil does not like anyone who worship God, why he desire the mountain of the Lord, is that he saw worship, that is why he tempted Jesus to worship him.
Why he build the whole world around worship is because he wants worship, but only God should be worshipped. You may go to another church, you only run to the place to become pious, and that does not mean the devil will fear you. The only thing he fears is the gospel.

The word of God, which is a place, is God’s template for doing all of his work. By him things were created, but thing created are not in him. Through him they were created, but not in him, what is in him is what he came by the gospel to bring to visibility, (JOHN 1:3, 14). What came back to heaven after Jesus rose was no longer the word, but a man. The third person in the trinity is know a man. (I TOMTHY 2:5).

God raised Jesus so that men came be generated after his own. The document of regeneration is the vision, it is the gospel, anything outside that is another gospel.

”If any man does not confess….”, to confess means to teach, Jesus Christ was designed in the flesh to regenerate God on the earth. It is the center focus of the gospel, the vision of God is to make this come to pass. On our own we cant save any man, man is terrible, only Jesus can save man.

Any word outside the vision of God, given to the apostle cannot save. Paul said ”if another man preach another gospel….”, he has trying to preserve the gospel that has been given as a vision of God. (GALATIANS 1:8-9). God can curse a man because of the church.

(I JOHN 5:4.) There is something our faith does, it overcomes the world, even when you overcome the world, it is not enough, Faith has his own victory, love has its own victory. REVELATION 5:11.

The gospel is for transformation to glory, it is from glory to glory, it is from holiness to holiness, even if you are heaven bound, you still need sanctification.

There are dimensions of experience, there is vision of the word of hope, of faith, the last of the vision is the vision of the revelation of the love of God. The fruit of the spirit is not the revelation of the love (REVELATION 12:11).

There is a patience, not your patience, but the patience of the spirit, the divine nature is not that the Holy Spirit reside in you, but you residing in the Holy Ghost, the father is dwelling in the Holy Ghost the son is dwelling in their Holy Ghost, the Holy Ghost is their habitation.

If you serve God with only passion the enemy will conquer you, you need the vision of God.
Prayer: In the days we are God is taken away your own prove, and he is giving you his own prove. (JOHN 10:10),

We cannot finish the gospel, it is called the gospel of God, it is discussing God, making God known in phases of life, we can understand the hope of the gospel, Christ is the hope of the gospel, you can’t understand God, he is complex, but we can understand Christ. God is in Christ, God is in Christ in stages of himself.
The gospel contain Jesus, sometimes it is so dark, that you cannot see anything, so you quickly call on Jesus, anyone can come to Christ and quickly find him, even without the spirit, you can open the bible and read and you will find him. It doesn’t matter who you are if you read the news of Jesus, it gives you joy.

Sometimes you want to sing Elohim, but you can see Elohim, so you sing Jesus. It does not matter where you are calling the name of Jesus, when you call, heaven will look down, that Jewish man Jesus, knew God. Jesus name has been branded, God has honour the name, it is the door, but the door is not the house, God is the house, no man come into the father but through him (Jesus).
God gave to us everything needed to congregate, but being blind of the vision has not made some preacher to see the vision that Jesus is not just a name, it is a knowledge. God has made Jesus both Lord and Christ. (ACT 2:36).

The vision being opened to us is important. The entity raised from the dead is Jesus Christ, while he was the flesh, he took up Jewish body to be a man, after resurrection he became Christ (II PETER 5:16). ”If any man is in Christ he is a new creation……” that creation never existed until after resurrection. The first species of a man in God appeared when Christ came, for God is a spirit, he has never existed in flesh.
Jesus ate with his disciples yet he is still God.
All the things we are learning are secret kept, it is part of the vision.

It is word of God called logos, the total word of God, it is like a programme, though he is a person.

In Genetics, what makes a man up is the DNA, what makes us is our DNA, the DNA is what makes a difference among us, any organism that do not have the same DNA sequence cannot interbreed. The word is the divine style, the divine programme, the DNA of God is the word.(JOHN 1:1), We are not just as we stand, the real us is our DNA.
The divine sperm that contain God is The Word. Though God created things, nothing ever came from his nature, Jesus is the one who came from the bosom of the father.
The Word, though it is the vision of creation, it is also the vision of the genealogy. We have seen the vision of creation spoken so much, ”Let there be…” and things emerged.

Jesus (The Word) is the DNA of the true life, if we stay in the man’s life, we will wither and perish, our comfort, our life, will begin to lose their strength, things that were strength in the days of youth will start failing.
Paul said he was not disobedient to the heavenly vision, the heavenly vision if the word of truth (ACT 26:19, 25).
Put emphasis in your heart, put pursuit, thirst for it, chose to look into it, do your daily job, do your best there, but inside your heart, pants for the things of God.


Sanctification of the vision III

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God’s desire is to bring the reality of all that we have been hearing to our personal life. He wants to see to it that they are wrought in us in various ways. They will be wrought in us in forms of experiences. God is the one who has called us, he is faithful but we must be aware of that which he is doing, though it is not of him that wills or runs but of him that showeth mercy. The essence of the vision is for us to become it, to change and not to just say it. This season is a new beginning for us. God is unchanging but each time he appears, he appears in new ways.

Christ died a long time ago, but the day we believe Jesus, we are dead with him and also raised with. If we do not experience what he experienced, it is possible for us to walk away.

The essence of Christianity is sanctification.

It is from one level to another. – Ref: I Thessalonians 5:23 Preserved: also mean sanctified wholly. Jesus is the tool for changing us.

Romans 12:2.

There is a need for us to change, any where we are and it does not appear that we are changing, it means we have transformed to that position.

Colossians 1:12-16

There is something we should become which is our inheritance. There is the measure, fullness and stature of God, all these are what we are expected to partake of.

Verse 16

The created mentioned here are things created. God is much more interested in things that have substance, that has the ability to impact life, to serve and do the bidding of God. Gold was created by God, yet it lacks ability to impact life. We should know that even though there are created entities that have the ability to influence and command worship, they yet they do not have the ability to impact life. It does not matter how wealthy a man becomes, if he is NOT OF GOD, he cannot impact life.

Psalm 103: 19-20

There are created thrones and their job is to extend kingdoms and there is also the throne of God. We are put in an hierarchy that is superior when we heed to the command that says we should seek the kingdom of God. There are angels, whose making is to effect God’s Will. They excel in strength for the purpose of doing his Will. Yet God is bigger than them whether they be visible or invisible. Some things were also created to give God pleasure. They were made so and if they choose to do otherwise, they cease to exist. God is Elohim, the creation God. He created all things and he is higher than them.

The essence of the soul as part of the creation is to show forth, the soul is forgiven so that it will fulfill what it was created to do, so as to be able to bear what it was made to bear. God says all souls are his, because there is something he has made in the soul of man that can make him give his Son for it.

There are spirits that are stones, these natural stones are symbols of cherubs, when God created stones and called it Gold, Silver or Emerald, they are similitude to the different kind of spirits. Gold typifies priesthood, water is a symbol of life, it is spirit and that is why even the natural water quenches thirst. If we do not understand the essence of our being made, we will just live a churchy and religious pious life that lacks true definition. The perfect man is a man who can see as they are, the man who can see as the trinity sees.

Ezekiel 26: 13.

Naturally speaking, blue typifies love, yellow is praise. Lucifer in his making has priesthood and royalty in measures and they were wrought in heaven. Heaven is a place where God wrought all manner of things. Even what is found in biology, God did without studying biology. He weaves and crafts with wisdom.

All these we are talking about is still on sanctification.

The essence of sanctification is to produce breeds of beings.

When we hear the beings in the Isaiah 6:3 shouting of Holy! Holy!! Holy!!!, they are speaking of

His kind of separation(Sanctification), the realm of the most high is another level of sanctification.

Psalms 104 : 1-4.

God’s great work is on what he made, which is why when he brought-in the first begotten, he said all his angels should worship him, because he is not just a creation but God fashioned in man.

All the mountains and all others things are distributions of his creation. What he used to deck the seas are creatures and its habitation. Angels that did not keep their habitation are reserved for judgement. In their creation is their

sanctification. Christianity is sanctification

All the prophets were called after their habitation, Ezekiel was called into the mountain of God, so his vision has to be of God. Isaiah was after the order of the holy place. He is an holy place prophet (Isaiah 6:2) He was


to carry the nature.

Many of the created things of God, don’t serve him by their will, they serve him by their making, it is their fibre that makes up their service.

Heb 10:7

Thy Will is my making.“To become” is the greatest thing you can attain in the spirit.

John also was a type of prophet, that was made in the pattern of the office he was to function in: the office of the prophet of the highest.

The cry in Isaiah 6:3 of Holy! Holy!! is the Lord God Almighty is not just a cry of a religious mind but a cry born out of what the Angel was writing. The angel was writing service.

The habitation of a man declares his estate, every sphere has its estate.
Angels do not serve God by their Will but as a result of their making. When you take holiness out of Christianity, we will loose everything and the blessing of the life we have believed will not come.

Every place has its people, Isaiah before he was purified was part of a people, until his purification, his estate did not change.
Creation itself is sanctified and Christianity is designed to sanctify us.

Hebrews 7:26.

Every other priest has a measure of harm. Grace is designed to make us holy, harmless, undefiled, separate from sinners and made higher than the heavens. Christ himself was made in this pattern.

Meekness is of no value to the fallen nature. The appreciation of nature is changed when a man becomes a believer. If you will be made might, spirit of might will be sent against you, likewise if you will be made power, the spirit of power will be sent against you. What is wrought in any believer is the gain of God.

The real gain is not in us living a good life but in making us, which is why God will not exempt us from some dealings in life.

Jesus Christ learnt obedience by the things he suffered, He went through all kinds of sanctification which are what eventually made him.

Hebrews 5:8

The things we are to suffer are the details of righteousness, they are righteous process designed to make us. He went through these process for our sake, that we also may be able to go through it too.

Sanctification of the vision I

The greatest excitement of deity is their unity, their oneness. God is one God, united God, one God, the trinity have never been separated, they are ever one, the joy of the father is to be with the son, the joy of the son is to be with the spirit and to be with the father.

For Jesus to be separated from the father is the worse experience he has ever had, no wonder he cried ”my God, my God why hast thou forsaken me”,(-Ref: Matthew 27:46) their union is their wealth, that is what they are bringing us into. Their greatest excitement is to bring us to it. The more we draw closer, the more joy we have, because ”at his presence is fullness of Joy” (-Ref: PSALM 16:11), the joy cannot be described, there is no greater thing they can do for us than to give us joy.

The question we should ask ourselves is that are we really appreciating what they are giving and bringing us to. Corporate worship bring us closer, not just individuals but all of us. But God want us to go beyond that gathering, but be with him individually at all time, not because of the preaching of the preacher, but to be in the experience of that moment every time of the day.

Can we desire that? To be with him all the way. We need desire to appreciate what the lord wants to bring to us. Appreciating it mean so much more than the whole world. Where God is, is the best place, as Jesus said I go to the father, to prepare a place for you….(-Ref: JOHN 14:2). God is saying to us, come to where I am, we need to break from what the world system has arranged for us. Our heart attitude must be thankful to God, a grateful heart.

(-Ref: Acts 22:7-9) They all saw the light, but only Saul heard the voice. Thunder and Lightning occur at the same time, but because lightning travels at the speed of light and Thunder travel at the speed of sound, the speed of light is faster than the speed of sound, and that is why lightning is seen before thunder is heard. The light is to convey light, it is a transporting material that will bring us to life. The real reality is the life, light came from the light, if you have the light, you should have the life.

There is nothing that made Paul different from any other person on the earth, before God there is nothing that make the Jew different from the Gentiles, we are all the same. On the earth we may have advantages and disadvantages, but with God every man is equal. Either a man is physical challenged, he is still a man, a man is a spirit, who has a soul, and lives inside the body.

There are terrible infirmities that may not be apparent to men, so you don’t have to be physical challenged before you are less privileged. When Adam fell, the whole race of men fell, naturally fingers are not equal, but with God it is all the same. God is the only light we should have, if we don’t have it we are not there.

For someone being richer than us doesn’t make them better than us. The apostles of light in the early church were next to Christ. Before God all men are equal, Peter in Acts 10:34, said he perceived ”God is no respecter of persons”, it is will take time for a Jewish man to say that. Before God they are not special, God found their father (Abraham) in the idolatry of the Chaldeans, and God called him out to raise him, he was not better than the other men. God called Abraham and told him to come out of his father’s house. Abraham heard and responded to God, it was not Abraham that did it, it was God, Abraham heard God not that he was pressed in the spirit, it was God who called him. And because God chose Abraham for himself his children were different.

The Promises of God to Abraham looks personal, but it is not (-Ref: GENESIS 12). The reason for blessing Abraham is for the whole earth, when God came to Abraham, he had the whole earth in mind. If Abraham began to boast about how God called him and gave him promise, he has frustrated the essence of his calling, for God didn’t called him to demonstrate only in him, but to demonstrate on the whole earth. It was not for Abraham but for the whole earth.

Abraham departed according to the word spoken to him. Abraham wouldn’t have made a difference if not that God came to him. It was God who made him to make a difference he was not better. The word of God has to be preacher, else you will misinterpret God’s intention, which he demonstrate among us.

Jacob and Esau came from the same womb, but the promise of God was on Jacob, Esau has to align, because Esau was not ready to align, he was cursed, the curse is not Esau sake, but for the world sake. Each time you look at yourself, you lose sight of God, for the work God is doing in you is not for you but for humanity sake.

(-Ref: John 3:16 ) ”For God so love the world”, Killing Jesus is not for Jesus, but for the love of God for man. Most at times when God began a thing, we lost it, because we make it as if it is for ourselves. The things God is doing began from God, even when we were not existing, even after we cease to exist, God will still continue his work. God is just passing through our generation. From the beginning, God is still speaking about the end, we are just a line to connect the beginning to the end.

God has no respect for human, all men are equal. All men are equal, it is the voice of God that makes a difference. When God called Saul, Saul, they all saw the light, but only Saul heard the voice, God brought Saul out to send him back.

On the voyage of Israel, they have conquered many nation, Joshua alone conquered 31 kings. The -ites are just the major ones. God drive the -ites out not because of Israel, but because of the work he is doing. (-Ref: DEUTERONOMY 7:1-8) God is a covenant keeping God, he sworn to Abraham, destroying the other nation, is mercy to mankind. It is not God’s program that People should not die, God remove some people and kill them. For the sake of humanity some people should not live. For some people, their death is for eternal mission. It is mercy that he kills them. Some people are naturally a good people, and they are God’s enemy. God is not only good, God is righteous.

(-Ref: Ecclesiastic 7:16.) Over righteousness kills.

(-Ref: ACT 22:6-15.)
The power of the light is the voice.

Why God came to Paul?

It is because of the same thing he had in mind when he called Abraham, it was not for Paul, but for the whole of mankind. It is vital that Paul be a witness. What God did for Saul was not for Saul but for the whole earth. What God did for Saul was to raise him a witness. For witnesses are important if God’s oath is to continue on the earth.

God blessed Lot, not or Lots sake, but because he was with Abraham. Lots herdsmen was fighting with that of Abraham, it looks that they are the same, but there is something about Abraham that makes him different, even if you sleep beside him you can’t see it. Abraham was 86 years before he gave birth to Ishmael, fourteen years, later, God was silent, Abraham might have done everything to hear God, but God did appear, that is religion. God waited until the work is done in Abraham that can make him walk before him. Abraham had to practice faith for 13 years, and for these years God didn’t shift the promise from Abraham to Lot.

God is constant, he has sworn to Abraham, he won’t change it, even if the whole church rejects Christ, God will generate Children for himself. God does not fail, it may take time. It is not our erring, it is that we are a spirit, who has a soul and lives inside the body, as long as we are this, we can fulfil Gods mandate.

God does not work by our civilisation. God is not only eternal in nature, he is eternal in life span. God waited to appear to Abraham even when he erred, he came back to reaffirmed what he has said.
What we heard in LC 2017 is mercy to humanity, we cannot arranged it. It is of God’s mercy to lead us, not for our prayer. ”For it is God that works in us, both to will and do of his good pleasure…” (-Ref: Philippians 2:13) it is not for ourselves. When God raise us from our family and brought us out, it is not for ourselves, it is God’s mercy. We don’t know what we carry, who has met us, who we have met.

To make us a holy people, a peculiar nation, is not to make us happy, but to express his love for the world, for all of mankind. ”To love the lord thy God…” (-Ref: Matthew 22:37) is to serve, the covenant is not an instrument to brag, but for service.

God raise Saul as a witness, a martyr, he is to witness what he saw with his life, to defend what he saw with his life. It is not every one that is kill for the gospel that is a martyr, you can die for the gospel and not be a martyr, what makes a martyr is the testimony in their blood, i.e. if they lived for the testimony.

Jesus has been dying, even before he died on the cross, to step from divinity to humanity is a death. Paul said, ”we are killed all day long…”(-Ref: Romans 8:36). That killing is that they are not living for the furtherance of their own will. If Abraham live for his name, he will be away from the promise, even if he is great. For greatness on the earth is not greatness in the sight of God. John the Baptist was not a great man in Israel, but in the sight of God he is the greatest man that ever lived. He took God’s will in the spirit and fulfil it that is what God sees as greatness.

All witnesses are able to lay down their life for what they saw, the fear of God is the will of God. In God’s eternal agenda, what God proposed before we are born, to live in that is greatness. Poverty is family problem not man’s problem. If you are always solving your family poverty problem, it is only on the earth and not beyond it.

(-Ref: JOHN 17:17) ”Sanctify them through thy truth: thy word is truth” we are in our level, we can’t change our level until something comes to us: the truth, the word of God.

( Exodus 24:1-) There are words that Moses has been speaking to them, but all the words that Moses has been speaking to them, cannot bring them near, it can only maintain them where they are. That is the church, the children of Israel were called Church in the wilderness. Moses gathered twelve stones, he knew that God has twelve portions. God spoke to Moses, not just words, he gave himself to Moses, God has twelve portions. There is something in Abraham that has twelve. Jacob told Levi that he will be scattered, it looks as if he was cursing him, but in the real sense, God was making himself the portion of the Levi, for his tribe shall abide in the house of God forever as a priest.

Moses has not been given the law, but he had a book, the destiny of Israel as a nation is judge in the book, the book is their life, if the nation of Israel has not journeyed in the writings of the book, they cannot enter into what Moses entered. The lord was speaking to Israel from the book, Moses had the book, Moses also knew that God has a book, and that is why he could tell God ”blot out my name from thy book…”(-Ref: Exodus 32:32) Moses was split into the elders, that made them different from the other Israelites, but they cannot come near to God as Moses, because they do not have the book.

God’s intention when he gave the law was to raise a people, Moses was not more important than the other Israelites, but Moses was important, for he was that apostle of the law. Moses was important to God until God raise the people. The agenda of God is to raise a people, Moses labour was not for himself but for a nation. The reason for raising Moses was for God to raise a people. The book is a spiritual book, they cannot access it by reading, so they need a law, so that when they obey the law, it will be a power that will drive them to the whole of God’s will.

(ROMANS 8:1.) The law of the spirit is not the bible, it is a law that is ignited in us when we get born again. What was in us was the law of sin and death, but a new law came to us to generate life. Saul was not sanctify because of him, but heaven has to sanctify him to raise his people, who will be sanctified. What God wants to raise is not just a witness, but cloud of witnesses. The intention of God for any believer who meets Paul is to make them witnesses.

”Sanctify them through thy truth: thy word is truth” the word is logos, the word is a complete word that represent the true intention of God, some words do not project the whole intention of God and that is why you cannot project yourself. All the words of the life, the life has all the word which are content of the word (logos). Thy word is true, not just any word, but thy word.

(ACT 5:20.) Sometimes we receive some of the word of this life, sometimes we have the word but not all of the word, Moses had the word, but not all the word, so if he dies, the word will not continue. When he took the word, the glory of the word came upon Moses. God told Moses to make an ark, everything in the ark must have the grade of God’s presence. Moses broke the first stone, and God told him to bring another stone carved by Moses himself because it is not the stone that makes God’s presence, it is the writings of God on the stone.

In the new tabernacle, no man will be special, all men will be raised as a stone, perfected in the law of God. God told Moses to go and teach the law, teaching the law is separating them, it is raising them. In II CORINTHIANS 7:1, unclean is not fornication, it is not lying, it is what the gentiles lived by (II TIMOTHY 2). Words are tools of their life (Divinity life). We are a ministry, a tool, and an engine, words are the things that makes us, words of truth. We should discern the word of truth and ignore anything that is not there.

What God loves the most is that we migrate from where we are to his presence, for us to be a workman, and not a worker of iniquity, but working God’s agenda on the earth, even after we die, that the work we do may abide. The things we build will not abide for ever, they only look amazing to us, in years to come, even if Jesus has not come. The things of God are not in things we can see, they are in life we can impart. Temporal things will pass away only the things that are in heaven will abide. Our house may change, our family may change, but the word of God must not change. You can take away this body, but you cannot take away the truth in my spirit.

Give your life in pursuit for Jesus, for that is what make us different from a mere man. What heaven knows is the amount of truth that is in us. John saw both the great and small standing before God. Our hearing and hearing has a destination, truth is the destination. What God has revealed in his son he must reveal in us. We must shun the things that cannot add life to us. The things we hear must not pass by, it must not be a reference we have, but a reference in us. What God has done in his son he can do in us for God does not respect our physical personalities, he respects our hearts willingness to hear truth.

God wants us to come inside, not to idolise men of God, the reason God gave the ministers his words is that we may come inside. We are to come to God, why God came to us is to come. Our generation needs a life of God, we are a channel, we are a channel embodied to be the witness of these truth. It doesn’t matter what has comes against you in years, you are overcoming them, God does not need our natural strength, his power in us is able to generate what he wants to do, all we need to do is to align.

God is looking for those whom he will stand with, with his angels, as Michael stood with God. God is looking for people that angels will work with. It is time for the will of God to be done in earth, it is a very dark day, but in the midst of the dark day a light of God will shine. There are many prophetic writings about our generation. We can’t remain where were are before, it is time for ascension, time for separation for men, separation from family. The earth needs help, we can’t help the earth until we align.

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